How Long Is the Trading 212 Waiting List – Duration Update

Delve deeper into online trading with Trading 212. In this blog, explore the nuances of the Trading 212 waiting list – its duration, evolving status, and strategic insights. Break through challenges of the waiting list and discover alternatives for those keen on swift trading endeavours.

The duration of the Trading 212 waiting list is currently unknown. Users who want to trade with Trading 212 must join the waiting list. Existing users have reported that the ID verification process can take some time. The waiting list is still active for most countries outside the European Union and the UK. Alternative platforms such as eToro offer commission-free trading and a user-friendly app for trading.

Key Takeaways:

  • The duration of the Trading 212 waiting list is currently unknown
  • Users must join the waiting list to trade with Trading 212
  • ID verification process can take some time
  • Waiting list is active for most countries outside the EU and the UK
  • eToro is an alternative platform for commission-free trading

How Long Is the Trading 212 Waiting List

For those heavily involved in online trading, they might find navigating through waiting lists a hassle, especially with platforms like Trading 212. Delving into the depths of why and how long the waiting list persists is crucial for those eager to join the trading fray.

Unlocking the Trading 212 Waiting List Mystery: A Deep Dive

The Trading 212 Waiting List phenomenon, stemming from an unexpected surge in demand in January 2021, has left many traders wondering about the intricacies of this unique occurrence. To comprehend the dynamics at play, it is essential to explore the catalysts, the impact on waiting times, and how Trading 212 responded to this surge.

Demand Surges Triggering the Waiting List

The waiting list came into existence due to a substantial surge in retail investors, driven by events like the GameStop stock frenzy. As a consequence of this unprecedented demand, Trading 212 experienced a sudden influx of users, leading to operational challenges and prompting the platform to halt new registrations temporarily.

Impact on Waiting Times

Traders who joined the waiting list as early as February 2021 faced a prolonged waiting period, exceeding three months in some cases. The tangible impact of this surge is evident in Trustpilot comments and Reddit threads, where users shared their experiences of patiently awaiting registration.

Trading 212’s Strategic Pause

In response to the overwhelming demand, Trading 212 implemented a strategic pause in February 2021. This pause allowed the platform to recalibrate and prepare for the influx of new users. By restricting new registrations and introducing a waiting list, Trading 212 aimed to manage the surge effectively.

Resumption of Onboarding

After a meticulous assessment of their operational capacity, Trading 212 gradually started onboarding new customers from select regions, indicating progress in addressing the backlog. The phased approach demonstrated the platform’s commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for both existing and prospective users.

Users’ Perspectives

The Trustpilot comments and Reddit threads offer insights into users’ sentiments during the waiting period. Some expressed frustration, while others appreciated the platform’s efforts to enhance the onboarding process. Understanding the user perspective provides a well-rounded view of the Waiting List phenomenon.


In the ever-evolving landscape of online trading, the Trading 212 Waiting List phenomenon stands as a testament to the challenges platforms face amid unprecedented demand. By comprehending the origins, impact, and strategic responses, traders can navigate this waiting period with a clearer understanding, ultimately contributing to a more informed and patient trading community.

Trading 212’s Response and Current Status: A Closer Look

Understanding how Trading 212 responded to the surge in demand and the current status of the waiting list is pivotal for users eager to join the platform. Delving into the platform’s strategic measures and ongoing improvements provides insights into the user experience.

Acknowledging Unprecedented Demand

Trading 212 openly acknowledged the challenges posed by the surge in demand in early 2021. In an official statement, the platform attributed the need for the waiting list to an “unprecedented demand,” emphasising the scale of the influx that led to the temporary halt in new registrations.

Strategic Improvements and Acceptance of EU and UK Customers

As a response to the surge, Trading 212 initiated strategic improvements to enhance their operational capacity. One notable development is the resumption of onboarding for EU and UK customers, excluding Belgium. This step signifies the platform’s commitment to gradually normalising the onboarding process for regions where demand remains high.

Progress and Ongoing Enhancements

Trading 212 continues to make progress in addressing the backlog of applications, as indicated by the phased onboarding of customers. The ongoing enhancements are aimed at streamlining the waiting list process and ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both existing and prospective traders.

Improved Waiting Times

The platform assures users that waiting times have improved, reflecting their dedication to providing a smoother onboarding process. By addressing the operational challenges head-on, Trading 212 aims to instil confidence in users awaiting registration.

User Feedback and Trustpilot Ratings

User feedback, particularly on platforms like Trustpilot, offers valuable insights into Trading 212’s current status. Monitoring Trustpilot comments and ratings provides users with a real-time gauge of the platform’s performance and the overall satisfaction of those navigating the waiting list.


As Trading 212 responds to the challenges posed by unprecedented demand, the current status indicates a phased but steady return to normalcy. The resumption of onboarding for EU and UK customers, ongoing improvements, and positive user feedback on platforms like Trustpilot collectively contribute to the evolving narrative of Trading 212’s response and current standing in the competitive realm of online trading.

Understanding the Waiting List: Pro Tips and Trading 212 Alternatives

For traders awaiting their turn on the Trading 212 Waiting List, navigating the waiting period can be both challenging and insightful. This section provides valuable tips to make the waiting process more manageable and explores alternative platforms for those seeking immediate trading opportunities.

Patience Pays Off

The foremost tip is to remain patient. Trading 212 assures users that everyone on the waiting list will eventually gain access. The platform is actively working to clear the backlog, and progress is underway. Patience, coupled with regular updates from Trading 212, ensures users stay informed about their onboarding status.

Stay Informed with Updates

Regularly check Trading 212’s official communication channels for updates. The platform strives to keep users informed about the progress of onboarding and any changes in waiting times. Staying informed helps traders plan their entry into the platform more effectively.

Explore Alternative Platforms

For those unwilling to wait, exploring alternative trading platforms is a prudent move. Several reputable alternatives offer comparable features. Notable options include eToro, Interactive Brokers, Plus500, and XTB. Each platform has its strengths, such as commission-free trading, diverse financial products, or low fees.

Consider eToro for Social Investing

eToro, with over 30 million users, stands out for its social investing platform. Traders can engage in commission-free stock trading while leveraging the wisdom of fellow investors. eToro’s user-friendly interface and social features make it an attractive alternative.

Trust in Interactive Brokers’ Longevity

Founded in 1978, Interactive Brokers boasts a longstanding reputation in the industry. Its extensive range of financial products and low currency conversion fees position it as a trustworthy alternative. The recent launch of IBKR GlobalTrader further enhances its appeal.

Explore Plus500 for Multi-Asset Trading

Plus500, a multi-asset online broker, offers commission-free trading in various instruments, including CFDs, indices, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, options, and ETFs. The recent addition of Plus500 Invest caters to those wanting to invest in real shares.

Consider XTB for Low-Cost Trading

XTB, with free stock trading in some European countries, provides a cost-effective option. Its low fees for CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and forex make it an attractive choice for those mindful of trading costs.


Benefitting from the waiting list involves a combination of patience, staying informed, and exploring alternative platforms. Trading 212 users can make the waiting period more productive by adopting these tips and considering alternatives based on their unique trading preferences. In the dynamic landscape of online trading, adaptability is key, ensuring traders make informed decisions regardless of the waiting list challenges.

The Geographical Divide: Accessing Trading 212 Across Regions

Understanding the geographical dynamics of Trading 212’s onboarding process unveils a distinct divide, influencing who gains instant access and who navigates the waiting list. This section sheds light on the regions that enjoy a streamlined onboarding experience and those where traders face the waiting game.

EU and UK Residents

Residents from the European Union (excluding Belgium) and the United Kingdom are the privileged ones, enjoying unrestricted access to Trading 212. The platform fully resumed onboarding for these regions, providing a seamless entry for traders residing within the EU and the UK.

Outside EU and UK

Traders residing outside the EU and the UK, including countries like Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, find themselves on the waiting list. Despite the growing list, Trading 212 assures that everyone in this category will eventually gain access. The waiting list becomes a bridge for global traders awaiting their turn.

Restricted Regions

Certain regions remain off-limits for Trading 212. Countries like the United States, Russia, China, and others fall into this category. Traders in these regions are unable to participate due to regulatory or operational restrictions, highlighting the complex landscape of global trading regulations.

Limited Disclosure on Expansion

Trading 212’s communication on resuming onboarding is notably selective. While the platform mentions progress in addressing the waiting list for EU and UK customers, there’s limited disclosure regarding expansion to other regions. The lack of a specific timeframe leaves traders outside the EU and the UK in a state of uncertainty.

Trading 212’s Facebook Statements

Scanning Trading 212’s Facebook page reveals a cautious approach. The company refrains from sharing specific reasons for resuming onboarding exclusively for the EU and the UK. The absence of a clear ETA for expanding to other regions adds an element of anticipation for traders worldwide.


The geographical divide in Trading 212’s onboarding process underscores the platform’s tailored approach based on regional demand and operational considerations. While residents in the EU and the UK enjoy immediate access, traders outside these regions must patiently wait. The waiting list, though growing, remains a promise of eventual access for global traders keen on leveraging Trading 212’s platform. As the platform continues to evolve, the geographical dynamics play a pivotal role in shaping the user experience across diverse regions.

Charting the Future: Trading 212’s Strategic Roadmap

Peering into the future of Trading 212 unveils a strategic roadmap shaped by past challenges and a commitment to enhancing user experiences. This section delves into the platform’s plans, offering insights into the envisioned trajectory for onboarding new users and potential expansions.

Strategic Resumption Beyond EU and UK

Trading 212’s roadmap involves a phased resumption of onboarding, starting with EU and UK residents. Having initiated onboarding for most EU countries in August 2021 and fully accepting UK customers in August 2022, the platform showcases a deliberate approach to ensuring operational readiness before expanding to additional regions.

Ongoing Progress and No ETA Disclosure

The platform, while making progress in clearing existing application backlogs, refrains from providing an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for resuming onboarding in regions outside the EU and the UK. The absence of a disclosed ETA leaves room for anticipation and underscores Trading 212’s commitment to addressing existing challenges before expanding further.

Invitations from the Waiting List

Trading 212 reassures users on the waiting list that invitations will be extended sooner or later. The phased approach to onboarding indicates a methodical clearing of the waiting list, ensuring that every trader in the queue gains eventual access. This patient approach aligns with the platform’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience.

Global Expansion Plans

While the focus is currently on EU and UK customers, Trading 212’s future may see broader global expansion. The platform’s selective disclosure about expansion plans reflects a cautious approach, ensuring that each new region’s onboarding is smooth and aligned with the platform’s operational capabilities.

Communicative Transparency

Trading 212 maintains transparency in its communications, regularly updating users on progress and changes. The absence of specific reasons for resuming onboarding only for EU and UK customers on platforms like Facebook showcases Trading 212’s commitment to transparent communication.


Trading 212’s strategic roadmap for the future involves a phased approach, prioritising operational stability and user satisfaction. The commitment to clearing waiting lists, reassuring those in the queue, and maintaining transparency in communications underscores the platform’s dedication to providing a robust and accessible trading environment. As the roadmap unfolds, traders can anticipate a well-paced expansion that aligns with Trading 212’s commitment to excellence in the world of online trading.

Choosing Wisely: Your Checklist for Selecting the Right Investment Platform

Selecting the right investment platform is a critical decision for traders, and a thorough checklist ensures a well-informed choice. This section outlines essential factors to consider, providing a roadmap for users seeking a platform that aligns with their trading goals and preferences.

Track Record Matters

Begin by assessing the platform’s track record. A minimum of two years in the industry showcases stability and reliability. Established platforms like Trading 212, with a history dating back to 2004, demonstrate a robust track record in navigating the complexities of the financial market.

Responsive Customer Support

A responsive customer support team is vital. Opt for platforms with a team of at least 15 members, ensuring prompt assistance. Interactive Brokers, a trusted name founded in 1978, is renowned for its comprehensive customer support, providing users with timely responses to queries and concerns.

Regulatory Compliance

Choose a platform operating under a robust regulatory framework for accountability and dispute resolution. Platforms regulated by authorities like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) exemplify a commitment to adhering to industry standards.

Efficient Processing

Efficient processing of deposits and withdrawals within two to three days is crucial. Look for platforms like eToro, known for swift transaction processing, ensuring quick access to funds when needed.

International Presence

Consider platforms with a global presence, offering local seminars and training programmes. This global approach enhances the overall user experience, providing diverse perspectives and market insights. Brokers like Interactive Brokers, with a vast international presence, exemplify this characteristic.

Language Capabilities

Ensure the platform’s staff can communicate fluently in your local language. Effective communication is paramount for a seamless trading experience. Brokers with diverse staff locations worldwide, like eToro, facilitate clear and concise communication in various languages.


Choosing the right investment platform involves careful consideration of critical factors. By following this checklist, traders can confidently navigate the crowded landscape of online trading. Whether prioritising a platform’s track record, responsive customer support, regulatory compliance, efficient processing, international presence, or language capabilities, a well-informed decision ensures a rewarding trading journey.

Diversifying Your Options: Top Recommendations for Trading 212 Alternatives

While Trading 212 offers a robust trading experience, exploring alternatives is a strategic move for traders seeking variety and flexibility. This section introduces some top recommendations, each with its unique features, ensuring traders find a platform that aligns with their individual preferences and goals.


With over 30 million users, eToro stands out as a leading social investing platform. Offering commission-free stock trading, eToro allows users to leverage the wisdom of fellow investors through its social features. The platform’s intuitive interface and extensive range of financial instruments make it an attractive alternative.

Interactive Brokers

Established in 1978, Interactive Brokers is a reliable and globally trusted broker. Known for offering a vast range of financial products and low currency conversion fees, Interactive Brokers caters to both novice and experienced investors. The recent launch of IBKR GlobalTrader further enhances its appeal, providing a modern mobile trading app.


A multi-asset online broker, Plus500 stands out for its no-commission model when trading CFDs in various instruments. From indices and forex to cryptocurrencies and real shares through Plus500 Invest, the platform offers a diverse range of trading options. Despite the disclaimer that 82% of retail CFD accounts lose money, Plus500 remains a popular choice for many traders.


XTB offers free stock trading in select European countries, making it an economical choice for traders. With low fees for CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and forex, XTB caters to a wide range of trading preferences. The platform’s emphasis on affordability without compromising on features makes it a notable alternative.


Exploring alternatives to Trading 212 opens up a world of possibilities for traders. Whether drawn to eToro’s social investing, Interactive Brokers’ global trustworthiness, Plus500’s no-commission model, or XTB’s low-cost options, each alternative brings a unique set of features to the table. Diversifying trading experiences through these recommendations ensures traders can find a platform that resonates with their specific needs and preferences.

Why is There a Trading 212 Waiting List?

The Trading 212 waiting list was introduced due to a surge in sign-ups during the pandemic. The company had to pause the account opening process temporarily to increase capacity and ensure outstanding service. This decision was taken to maintain the platform’s reliability and provide a seamless trading experience for all users.

Due to the high demand, the exact length of the waiting list is unknown. Users who want to trade with Trading 212 must join the waiting list by completing the registration process. The waiting list serves as a queue, allowing new users to access the platform as capacity becomes available.

The Trading 212 waiting list ensures that the platform can handle the influx of new users while maintaining a stable and efficient trading environment.

During the registration process, users may need to provide personal identification documents for verification purposes. This step can take some time as Trading 212 prioritises the security and compliance of its users.

While waiting for access, users can consider alternative trading platforms like eToro. With eToro, users can enjoy commission-free trading and a user-friendly app, providing a seamless trading experience while waiting for their turn on the Trading 212 waiting list.

Comparing Trading 212 Waiting List

PlatformAccess TimeWaiting List Length
Trading 212UnknownVaries

Where is the Trading 212 Waiting List Still Active?

The Trading 212 waiting list is still active for most countries outside the European Union and the UK. Users from countries like Australia, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil cannot open a Trading 212 account. However, alternative platforms like eToro offer a similar trading experience for users in these countries.

CountryTrading 212 Waiting List StatusAlternative Platform

How to Skip the Trading 212 Waiting List?

Currently, there is no way to skip or bypass the Trading 212 waiting list. Users must join the waiting list and wait for their turn to create an account. Trading 212 does not provide an estimated waiting time or priority access. Users looking for faster access can consider alternative platforms like eToro.


Trading 212 continues to maintain an active waiting list for users outside the European Union and the UK. Unfortunately, the exact duration of the waiting list remains unknown, and there is no way to expedite the sign-up process. Users interested in trading can consider exploring alternative platforms like eToro, which provide commission-free trading and a user-friendly experience.

Although the trading 212 registration time and account wait time may be uncertain, users can still find reliable options to engage in online trading. eToro is a reputable platform that offers similar services and eliminates lengthy waiting periods. By joining eToro, traders can access the financial markets without the frustrating access delays associated with Trading 212.

While Trading 212 may still be a preferred choice for some, it is crucial to consider alternative platforms to ensure a smooth and efficient trading experience. By exploring other options like eToro, traders can find a more accessible and hassle-free environment for their investment needs, without the uncertainty and potential delays associated with the Trading 212 waiting list.


How long is the Trading 212 waiting list?

The duration of the Trading 212 waiting list is currently unknown.

Why is there a Trading 212 waiting list?

The Trading 212 waiting list was introduced due to a surge in sign-ups during the pandemic. The company had to pause account opening temporarily to increase capacity and ensure outstanding service.

Where is the Trading 212 waiting list still active?

The Trading 212 waiting list is still active for most countries outside the European Union and the UK.

How to skip the Trading 212 waiting list?

Currently, there is no way to skip or bypass the Trading 212 waiting list. Users must join the waiting list and wait for their turn to create an account.

Can I expedite the Trading 212 sign-up process?

Trading 212 does not provide an estimated waiting time or priority access. Users looking for faster access can consider alternative platforms like eToro.

How long does the Trading 212 registration process take?

The duration of the Trading 212 registration process is unknown.

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