Zeekr Aims to Double EV Sales to 230,000 in 2024: Geely

Zeekr by Geely Sets Target to Sell 230,000 EVs in 2024, Doubling 2023 Deliveries


  • Geely’s new venture, Zeekr, is aiming to double its EVs sales by 2024, projecting to sell 230,000 units
  • Such growth indicates a substantial expansion for the company, impacting various financial markets
  • The anticipated rise in sales could influence the forex market and trading assets

The aforementioned EV brand, Zeekr, created by the renowned carmaker Geely, has set an ambitious goal of selling approximately 230,000 electric vehicles (EVs) by the year 2024. This target signifies a doubling of the company’s projected delivery numbers for 2023, highlighting significant growth in its optimistic strategic plan.

Anticipated Growth of Zeekr

The emphasis by Geely on expanding Zeekr’s presence in the EV market underscores the brand’s focus on scaling and growth. The projected increase in sales will not only solidify Zeekr’s place in the increasingly competitive EV market but is also likely to significantly influence various associated industries and financial markets.

This upward trajectory in EV sales for Zeekr, as forecasted, will undoubtedly spur economic activity. As such, this development can bear implications on the forex market and trading assets. Increased production and sales of EVs could cause variations in currencies as well as fluctuations in related assets. The impact on forex and trading is not restricted to China’s economy but extends globally, given the extensive nature of the car manufacturing industry. It can affect various currencies and trading dynamics in ways that trading strategists and investors should monitor closely.

Wrap-up: The impressive growth plans announced by Zeekr, Geely’s EV brand, may catalyze shifts in the forex and trading landscapes. As the brand expands, it could impact assets linked to commodities used in EV production, and the resulting economic activities could cause perturbations in currency markets.

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