Xcel Energy Q4 EPS Misses Estimates, Revenue Underperforms


  • Xcel Energy announced a weak fourth-quarter performance, with an EPS earning of $0.83, slightly below the projected $0.85.
  • The reported revenue of $3.44B also came short of the expected $4.01B consensus.
  • Its stock price is trending downwards, taking a hit of -0.15% over the past 3 months, and a significant decline of -15.38% in the past year.
  • Despite the diverse outlook, eight positive EPS revisions, against one negative, occurred in the past 90 days.
  • The company is predicted to experience an EPS of $3.50-$3.60 for FY2024.

The spanking output from the entity, Xcel Energy (NASDAQ: ) brought a negative wave in Q4 with EPS results displaying $0.83, a $0.02 downturn from the analysts’ forecast of $0.85. A similar picture ensued in revenue earnings, as the $3.44B generated trailed behind the anticipated quantum of $4.01B.

Projected Outlook

In planning for FY2024, Xcel Energy anticipates a potential EPS within the range of $3.50-$3.60.

We noted a slump in the closing stock price for Xcel Energy at $58.22 that signifies a diminution of -0.15% over the prior 3 months. The figure also registered a -15.38% drop within the last 12 months.

In review of the EPS over the last trimester, we validate eight endorsements and a solitary contrary standpoint. Delve into the historic analysis of Xcel Energy’s stock price reaction to earnings here.

Based on an evaluation from InvestingPro, Xcel Energy’s financial performance rated as “fair performance”.

Additional References

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Your financial trading decisions, particularly Forex traders, could be swayed by the present performance of Xcel Energy. Market assets may respond accordingly to the slump and the projected outlook.

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