WuXi Biologics Completes First Large-Scale Run at Ireland Facility


  • WuXi Biologics, a leading Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization, has completed its inaugural large-scale manufacturing run at the MFG7 facility based in Ireland. The company reached a 16,000-liter scale using four 4,000-liter single-use bioreactors, significantly enhancing the company’s manufacturing capabilities.
  • This accomplishment signifies WuXi Biologics’ largest manufacturing scale to date, showcasing that the cost of goods comparable to that of a traditional 16,000-liter stainless-steel bioreactor can be achieved with single-use bioreactor technology.
  • WuXi Biologics’ Ireland facility has been recognized for its excellent operations, obtaining the first Good Manufacturing Practice certificate from the Irish Health Products Regulatory Authority within nine months of starting operations. The company’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance standards is evident with multiple certifications and a dedicated ESG committee.
  • The company’s key financial metrics demonstrate the company’s strong presence in the biotechnology industry. WuXi Biologics continues to show promising growth potential and financial stability, backed by a solid revenue growth, regular dividend increases, and manageable debt levels.

Significant Manufacturing Milestone Achieved by WuXi Biologics

Based in DUNDALK, Ireland, renowned global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO), WuXi Biologics (HK:.HK), recently announced a significant manufacturing milestone involving its MFG7 facility in Ireland. By successfully integrating four 4,000-liter single-use bioreactors, the company was able to perform a large-scale manufacturing run reaching a scale of 16,000 liters, indicating a significant enhancement in its manufacturing capabilities.

Single-use Technology Meets Traditional Efficiency

The successful manufacturing run at the MFG7 facility represents the highest scale that WuXi Biologics has achieved thus far. Moreover, the cost of goods procured from the run matched that of a traditional 16,000-liter stainless-steel bioreactor.

Prospect for Global Patients and Sustainable Growth

CEO of WuXi Biologics, Dr. Chris Chen, expressed his delight over this achievement, noting that the environmentally friendly and cost-effective nature of single-use technologies may enable the firm to churn out global patient treatments more efficiently in the future.

Operational Excellence and Commitment to ESG Standards

The Ireland facility, recognised for operational excellence, won the Facility of the Year Award (FOYA). The site has rapid regulatory approval, and holds various certifications that reflect WuXi Biologics’ dedication to ESG standards.

Strong Financial Performance and Sustainability Focus

InvestingPro’s financial metrics provide insights into WuXi Biologics’ sound performance and potential in the biotechnology sector. The company’s consistent increase in dividends along with a moderate debt level point towards a long-term stability and profitable growth strategy for WuXi Biologics.

Reward for Investors and Conclusive Remarks

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