Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s Businesses Minimally Impacted by Winter Storm


  • A Walmart (NYSE:) representative reported the effects of the winter storm tickled but didn’t upset the business, with customers bulking up on necessities such as snacks, staples, and baby food.
  • Due to the storm, approximately 811,000 homes and businesses in 12 different states lost power as of Tuesday, ahead of a severe cold front expected to hit the eastern United States this weekend.
  • A Home Depot (NYSE:) representative indicated their New Jersey store had closed early on Tuesday but reopened Wednesday, while Lowe’s (NYSE:) stores were still open with backup power and had rerouted crucial response supplies.
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:) had minor impact, with adjusted store hours and sporadic closures.

The Storm’s Impact on Businesses

The representative of Walmart (NYSE:) stated that the recent winter storm’s impact on their operations was minimal. Customers have been increasing their purchases of essentials like staples, snacks, and baby food due to the storm conditions.

Effects of Power Outages

The devastating storm caused power failure for approximately 811,000 homes as well as businesses in 12 states, preceding an incoming sharp freeze that could affect the eastern United States starting this weekend.

Response by Corporations

A representative from Home Depot (NYSE:) mentioned that one of their New Jersey stores had to close early Tuesday evening. It was, however, reopened on Wednesday morning. While Lowe’s (NYSE:) stores remained operational with backup power in several areas, they were redistributing vital emergency resources, such as tarps, generators, and sump pumps, to regions affected by the storm.

Fast Food Chain’s Reaction

The representative from Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:) mentioned sporadic store closures and modified store timings, but these changes didn’t have any major impact on their operations.

In conclusion, this major weather event could potentially impact the trading and stock value of pertinent companies.

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