US Producer Prices Drop in December, Raising Fed Rate Cut Expectations


Recently, data indicated that U.S. producer prices faced a sudden drop in December due to a decline in the cost of items such as food and diesel fuel. Conversely, service prices remained unchanged for the third month straight, conflicting with Thursday’s unexpectedly high consumer inflation print. Furthermore, expectations for the Fed to reduce rates by a minimum of 25 basis points in March have risen to 79.5%, a significant increase from the previous 73.2%.

High-profile banks had significant happenings, with Bank of America experiencing a drop in its fourth-quarter profit, while Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase witnessed a rise after their latest reports. The health of the overall market is observed with the performance of the three major indexes, and analysis of top company stocks such as United Health, Tesla, and Delta Airlines.

Contrasting Producer Prices and Consumer Inflation

On the last Friday, unexpected data revealed a drop in U.S. producer prices during December. Certain goods, including food and diesel fuel, saw their costs falling, while, in contrast, service prices remained unaltered for a third consecutive month – an opposing trend to Thursday’s higher-than-predicted consumer inflation print.

Fed’s Potential Rate Cut

March might witness a rate cut of at least 25 basis points by the Fed. CME’s FedWatch Tool suggests that expectations for this have moved up to 79.5% from 73.2% in the previous session. Despite the lowering of Treasury yields because of Friday’s data, recent remarks from central bank officials indicated pushback on future potential rate cuts.

Impact on the Equity Market

According to Michael Green, chief strategist at Simplify Asset Management, the shift in producer prices implies that the Federal Reserve could initiate interest rate cuts more freely. The move might not significantly impact the equity market as long as rates don’t surge significantly.

Recent Developments in Banking Sector

In the banking sector, Bank of America’s fourth-quarter profit faced a reduction due to the lender taking $3.7 billion in one-time charges. Wells Fargo’s shares saw a decline of 2.9% after a warning of a potential 7% to 9% reduction in net interest income in 2024. In contrast, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase had positive financial news to report.

Health of Major Indexes and Influential Stocks

Despite the reduced amount of 99.33 points (or 0.26%) on the , 37,611.69, the gained 6.02 points (or 0.12%) settling at 4,786.09, and the reported an increase of 7.82 points (or 0.05%) to a total of 14,978.00.

Trending Stocks

Notable mentions include UnitedHealth, Tesla and Delta Airlines. UnitedHealth’s shares dropped 3.6% due to higher-than-projected medical costs. Tesla trimmed prices of certain new China models and suspended most car production at its factory near Berlin, causing its stock to fall by 4.4%. Delta Airlines saw an 8.4% drop after downscaling its annual profit outlook.

In conclusion, this focal shift in the U.S. financial market is crucial for investors, particularly those dealing with forex or trading. For forex dealers, the downfall in producer prices suggests a potential Fed rate cut, which would influence the value of the U.S. dollar and impact cross-currency rates.

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