United Airlines Considers Airbus Deal amid Boeing 737 MAX Concerns


  • United CEO Scott Kirby, in recent talks with Airbus, discussed alternatives to the airline’s order for the Boeing 737 MAX 10, following new concerns raised after a mid-air emergency on an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9.
  • The discussions indicate that United is exploring possibilities beyond the Boeing 737 MAX 10, which has already faced delays in certification.
  • Airbus and United Airlines remain silent on the current status of discussions.
  • Kirby’s unannounced trip to Toulouse adds another layer to Boeing’s ongoing troubles, as it battles public and regulatory concerns about production quality and safety while trying to keep major orders intact.

United in Talks with Airbus, Explores Alternatives to Delayed Boeing 737 MAX 10

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby (NYSE:) recently visited Toulouse to discuss potential alternatives to Boeing’s delayed 737 MAX 10 with Airbus. This follows a mid-air incident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, which has sparked fresh concerns over the pending certification of the MAX 10, sources close to the matter revealed.

Details of the Discussions Yet to be Finalized

“No agreement has been reached as of now regarding possible adjustments to the MAX 10 order”, said an individual with knowledge of the discussion. Nonetheless, United’s engagement in conversation with Airbus suggests they are examining other prospects for the airline.

Silence from Airbus and United Airlines

When approached for comment, both Airbus and United remained tight-lipped about the discussions.

Kirby’s Unreported Trip Amidst Boeing’s Crisis

The recent trip by United’s CEO to Toulouse is an unexpected turn in the ongoing crisis involving Boeing. The aviation giant is struggling to regain the confidence of the public and regulators concerning production quality and safety, while simultaneously working to hold onto its major orders.

In terms of impact on forex or trading activities, the outcome of these talks could potentially influence the stock values of both Airbus and Boeing. This is a situation that traders keeping an eye on these assets should closely monitor.

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