TikTok Under Investigation for Withholding Information on Internal Zoom Recordings


  • North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein revealed that TikTok had failed to disclose its archive of numerous recorded internal Zoom meetings for 1.5 years.
  • The court has now stipulated that TikTok provide information on all Zoom recordings that could be pertinent to the attorneys general investigation.
  • The company announced plans to challenge the verdict, highlighting their commitment to safeguards for youngster safety such as time limits and parental controls.
  • Various states, including Utah, Indiana, and Arkansas, have lodged lawsuits against TikTok, alleging that the platform encourages unhealthy user habits among children.
  • Despite these legal challenges, TikTok remains incredibly popular, boasting over 150 million users in the U.S. alone, many of whom are minors.

TikTok’s Legal Challenges

Josh Stein, the Attorney General of North Carolina, recently uncovered that TikTok, a widely-used short video sharing platform, has maintained an archive of countless internal Zoom meetings. Shockingly, the company neglected to disclose this information for a year and a half.

The court has subsequently ordered TikTok to share lists of all Zoom recordings, which could potentially aid the attorneys general in their investigation, as stressed by Stein.

Stein’s Response and TikTok’s Defense

“TikTok is not exempt from complying with certain part of the law,” Stein remarked. “Our investigation, aimed at safeguarding our children, will proceed without any pause.”

On the other hand, a representative from TikTok communicated the company’s intention to contest the court ruling on Friday. The spokesperson emphasized the platform’s “industry-leading safeguards for young users”, such as a 60-minute restriction for users below 18 years of age and the provision for parental supervision of teenage accounts.

Lawsuits and User Statistics

Back in October, the State of Utah filed a claim against TikTok for reportedly persuading young users to spend unhealthy amounts of time on the platform. Indiana and Arkansas have also initiated similar lawsuits in the past.

Despite the ongoing litigation, TikTok’s popularity is undiminished, with an immense user base of over 150 million in the U.S. itself. As per the Pew Research Center, around 67% of American teens between 13-17 years of age use TikTok, and 16% admit to perpetually using the app.

Online Child Exploitation and Legal Proceedings

Last year, lawmakers from the Republican party voiced their concerns about the exposure of children to “non-stop inappropriate content” on TikTok.

In a January 31 hearing, a Senate panel stated that the CEOs of major companies including TikTok, Meta, X (previously Twitter), Snap, and Discord will testify on online child sexual exploitation.

Legislation efforts for introducing new tools to manage foreign-owned apps like TikTok, which might pose national security risks, have been stuck at present.

Developments like this could indirectly impact forex trading, potentially influencing investor sentiment and impacting assets associated with tech companies.

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