Sysco Maintains Profit Margins Despite Consumer Dining Cutbacks


  • Consumer staple companies like Sysco, Hormel Foods (NYSE:), Conagra Brands (NYSE:), and Lamb Weston are experiencing the impact of a trend that sees customers cutting back on dining out.
  • Sysco’s U.S. foodservice segment has seen an increase of 3.4% in volume during the second quarter, a noticeable slowdown from the 5.2% increase observed the previous year.
  • Sysco’s net sales for the quarter ending Dec. 30, rose by 3.7% to $19.29 billion with earnings marginally surpassing LSEG estimates and shares of the Texas-based company seesawing in pre-market trade.
  • Sysco has managed to protect its margins from escalating product costs through a combination of limiting price increases and improving supply chain productivity.

Impact on the Consumer Staples Sector

Reduction in dining out by customers has put pressure on the margins of consumer staple firms such as Sysco and its contemporaries Hormel Foods (NYSE:), Conagra Brands (NYSE:), and Lamb Weston.

Sysco’s Sector Performance

The U.S. foodservice segment of Sysco that comprises enterprise customers like schools and restaurants, saw it’s volume grow by 3.4% during the quarter, though it is lesser than last year’s rise of 5.2%.

Sysco’s Financial Performance

Sysco’s net sales for the quarter that ended on Dec. 30, witnessed a 3.7% rise to $19.29 billion, which is slightly lower than the LSEG analysts’ average estimate of $19.32 billion.

Sysco’s Strategy

Sysco effectively shielded it’s margins from the rising product costs in the frozen, canned, and dry food categories by adopting a strategy which restricted price hikes and improved supply chain productivity – a strategy not adopted by many of its peers.

Profit Margins and Business Shares

Sysco’s quarterly gross profit margin rose by 21 basis points to 18.2%. Adjusted profit per share in the quarter was 89 cents, barely ahead of the LSEG estimates at 88 cents.

The pre-market trade had Texas-based company shares fluctuating, with a slight rise after an earlier fall of 1.5%.

The above dynamics of Sysco’s performance and relevant market trends can be potentially impactful for forex trading or other form of investment, influencing trade decisions related to company shares, business assets or industry specific movements.

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