SSR Mining Appoints Industry Veteran Daniel Malchuk to Board of Directors


  • SSR Mining Inc., a gold mining company has announced the appointment of Mr. Daniel Malchuk to its Board of Directors.
  • Mr. Malchuk brings 30 years of experience in the natural resources sector, previously having significant roles at BHP.
  • SSR Mining operates four gold production sites and has an average annual production of over 700,000 gold-equivalent ounces.
  • Malchuk is also appointed to serve on the Technical, Safety, and Sustainability Committee of the Board.

Appointment Announcement

SSR Mining (NASDAQ:SSRM, TSX:SSRM, ASX:SSR), a leading gold mining firm based in Denver, has enlisted Mr. Daniel Malchuk on its Board of Directors. Notably, this addition, which takes effect immediately, brings on board a highly experienced industry expert with over three decades of exposure to the natural resources sector.

Daniel Malchuk’s Industry Experience

In his storied career, Mr. Malchuk has held influential roles at BHP, most recently serving as the President of Operations, Minerals Americas. In his tenure, he oversaw a diverse portfolio incorporating mines in Chile and a substantial potash project nestled in Canada.

Comment from SSR Mining’s Executive Chairman

Rod Antal, the Executive Chairman of SSR Mining, voiced his optimism regarding Mr. Malchuk’s appointment. He posits that Mr. Malchuk’s comprehensive industry understanding and successful track record promises to enhance the existing board’s skill set. Additionally, Malchuk is entrusted with roles on the Technical, Safety, and Sustainability Committee of the Board.

SSR Mining’s Footprint in Gold Production

On the global gold production front, SSR Mining is renowned for its concentration on free cash flow. The corporation manages four gold production locations spanning the USA, Canada, Argentina, and Türkiye. On average, SSR Mining has produced over 700,000 ounces of gold-equivalent annually over the past three years. The firm also upholds a collection of development and exploration assets globally.

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This new appointment can potentially impact the share value of SSR Mining, potentially influencing trading decisions for investors in the gold mining sector and those investing in assets tied to SSR Mining’s performance.

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