Record Inflows to China Equity Funds Driven by Domestic Investors, Citi Reports


  • Analysts at Citi have noted that recent considerable inflows into China equity funds have been domestically driven.
  • The bank’s latest report indicates large inflows to China equity funds, showing a shift towards bullish repositioning in China futures.
  • A weekly inflow of $12.6 billion to China equity fund was reported, representing the most significant ETF inflow since 2015.
  • According to analysts, recent flows into domestic ETFs are solely credited to Chinese investors, while international ETFs continue to witness outflows.
  • Observers interpret the large inflows as a possible domestic market anomaly, likely directed by state through purchases by units of sovereign wealth funds.

Investment in China Equity Funds

Analysts from Citi reported in a research note on Wednesday that the huge recent inflows into China equity funds are primarily internally driven. The latest fund flow reports from Citi indicate substantial inflows to China equity funds.

Week-on-week Market Trends

This week’s shift in equity market positioning reveals a move towards a bullish reshaping within China futures. A significant weekly inflow into China equity funds, amounting to $12.6 billion, was recently noted by Citi.

Historical Market Data

This marks the largest inflow into Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) since 2015. Observers estimate that this may have increased ETF trading to make up about 10% of the daily turnover of CSI 300 stocks over a couple of days.

Chinese Investors’ Influence

A close look at the fund flow data indicates that recent inflows have solely been triggered by Chinese investors investing in domestic ETFs. Meanwhile, ‘international’ ETFs continue to experience outflows, and the futures net positioning remains the most bearish across markets.

Analysts believe these large inflows more likely represent a domestic market anomaly, possibly directed state-wise via purchases by units of sovereign wealth funds, rather than a shift in overall investor sentiment on China.

Influence on the future of forex and trading is highly likely as the emerging trend could possibly influence other markets and assets globally. The financial world is sure to keenly watch the developments in China’s domestic market for any possible cascading effect on global trading patterns.

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