Q4 Earnings: JPMorgan Strategists Highlight Subdued Results, Underperformance


  • JPMorgan strategists report that during the current fourth-quarter earnings season, companies are presenting modest results and cautious future outlook.
  • The evaluation is based on the initial reports of 6% of companies, mostly from the banking sector, with consumer and industrial companies also represented.
  • While 66% of these firms exceeded earnings expectations, only 50% managed to surpass revenue forecasts, leading to questions about the quality of the results.
  • Post-earnings announcements, stocks are witnessing underperformance.
  • In consumer-oriented companies, there is focus on dwindling household savings and liquidity issues.
  • The disparity in spending trends among low and high-income segments is a significant factor to consider.
  • JPMorgan sheds light on the risks of slowing growth in Asia/China for global consumer brands.

Quarterly Earnings Performance

As per insights from JPMorgan’s equity strategists, the ongoing fourth-quarter earnings season sees companies reporting conservative results and issuing careful future insights.

Their assessment is grounded on the preliminary reportings from 6% of companies, primarily banking sector firms, but also including consumer and industrial businesses.

Earnings Expectations and Revenues

Despite 66% of the companies exceeding earnings predictions, the excitement is tempered by the questionable quality of these results, demonstrated by the mere 50% that are surpassing their revenue forecasts.

It was also pointed out by strategists that stocks are experiencing underperformance following earnings announcements.

Consumer and Industrial Sector Trends

For companies targeting consumers, the focus is primarily on resolving issues related to declining household savings and liquidity. The noticeable gap in spending habits between the lower and higher-income sectors is also a significant trend.

In addition, risks for global consumer brands associated with slowing growth in Asia/China have been emphasized by JPMorgan.

Impact on Global Brands

Strategists expressed concerns about global companies like Fedex and Delta challenging the theory of cyclical upswing.

They warned that Tech and AI stocks could face de-rating if their heavy capital investments fail to deliver the anticipated added earnings or productivity in the upcoming quarters.

Market Performance Projection

Summarily, strategists point out that the stock market is up against strong competition when it comes to the ongoing earnings season.

The strategists from JPMorgan warn that if corporation guidance fails to confirm the current high growth expectations, it would likely face repercussions.

Final Remarks

The trends noted in this financial update could have significant implications for forex trading, particularly in relation to assets associated with the companies and sectors mentioned.

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