Protests at Audi’s Mexico Plant Amid Demand for Higher Wages


  • Nearly 1,000 employees staged a protest outside of Audi’s facility in Puebla, a central state, chanting “we are employees, not beggars.”
  • Union leader Cesar Orta stated the intention to maintain negotiations and not to settle for agreements that do not honor the workforce.
  • Audi, a Volkswagen subsidiary, houses around 5,000 staff in this plant according to company records.
  • Workers’ demands include a two-digit percentage pay raise asserts Orta.
  • Audi’s Mexico representative is set to comment on the ongoing situation soon.
  • Orta anticipates the company will address the voices of their workers to resolve this dispute promptly.
  • The automaker along with the Independent Union of Audi Mexico Workers (SITAUDI) settled for a 9.4% salary hike in the previous year, setting record highs in Mexico’s automaker wage hikes.

Protest At Audi’s Plant In Puebla

About a thousand employees were voicing their grievances outside of Audi’s factory located in Puebla’s central state, echoing the sentiment “we are laborers, not paupers.”

Union Leader on Negotiations

“Negotiations will persist, and any agreements will only be discussed when they fully recognize and elevate the stature of our workers,” proclaimed union leader Cesar Orta amidst the protest.

Audi’s Workforce

Audi, which operates as a part of Volkswagen (ETR:), boasts of a workforce of 5,000 in this particular plant, as per company records.

Demands by Workers

Employees’ demands encompass an upsurge in wages by a striking double-digit percentage, as per Orta.

Company’s Undetermined Standpoint

A spokesperson from Audi’s Mexican unit has intimated that the company is expected to make a statement on this issue imminently.

Resolution Hopes

Orta voiced hope that the concerns of its employees will be heard by the company and this disagreement will be amicably resolved in the shortest possible timeframe.

Previous Wage Settlement

In the previous year, the automaker, in accord with the Independent Union of Audi Mexico Workers (SITAUDI), conceded to a 9.4% wage boost, which stands as one of the highest in the Mexican automobile industry in recent times.

This labour dispute could impact forex trading, particularly if it influences the value of the Mexican Peso or the stock of Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen.

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