PG&E Settles for $45M Over Dixie Fire Damage & Record Transition


  • The Dixie fire ignited on July 13, 2021, after a tree collapsed on the distribution wires of the major state utility, resulting in the fire spreading across over 963,000 acres in various counties.
  • A settlement agreement of $2.5 million fine to the California General Fund, a payment of $2.5 million to the tribes affected by the fire for recovery efforts, and a $40 million allocation for transitioning records to a digital format has been agreed upon.
  • The settlement follows the conclusion of SED’s investigation and the issuance of an Administrative Consent Order.
  • PG&E has yet to comment on the settlement agreement.

Dixie Fire Details

In July 2021, the Dixie fire was ignited following the collapse of a tree on electrical distribution wires of the primary state utility. The fire engulfed over 963,000 acres across numerous counties.

Settlement Details

The resolution includes a fine of $2.5 million to be paid to the California General Fund, an additional $2.5 million to tribes affected by the fire for recovery and restructuring, and a sizeable $40 million to transition all relevant records to digital formats.

Investigation Outcomes

The settlement was reached after a comprehensive investigation conducted by SED, which eventually culminated with the issuance of an Administrative Consent Order.

PG&E Response

As of now, PG&E, the utility in question, has not responded publicly to inquiries regarding its stance or response to the settlement.

The financial implications of this settlement have potential impacts on the utility’s share trading values. Analysing such situations can provide insights for forex and other traders, particularly those invested in utility assets.

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