PC and Chipmakers Bank on Neural Processing Units to Boost High-End Laptop Sales


  • PC and chipmakers such as Advanced Micro Devices and Intel are investing in Neural Processing Units (NPU) to animate high-end laptops, potentially challenging Apple’s market hold.
  • Dell Technologies and AMD discuss advances in AI technology, focusing on equipping the PC to fulfill future AI demands.
  • Only a few applications currently utilize NPU-enabled machines, with Adobe’s creative suite leading among them.
  • More applications are on the horizon, and Intel and AMD partner with premium PC builders to equip machines with AI chips.
  • A new functionality, the AI key on a Dell laptop, is being tested. It activates Microsoft’s generative AI, Copilot, providing application assistance and complex question answers.
  • Advanced AI chip-equipped machines are currently marketed with more expensive laptops ranging between $800-$1200.

PC Chipmakers and their Investment in AI Tech

Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:) and Intel (NASDAQ:) among other PC and chipmakers, predict that the latest chip designs featuring “neural processing units” (NPUs) will tempt consumers to purchase high-end laptops. They believe this addition of AI capabilities could challenge Apple (NASDAQ:)’s market share.

Future-ready PC: Dell Technologies and AMD Perspective

Sam Burd, Dell Technologies (NYSE:)’ PC business president, shared insights during customer interactions about preparing the PC to meet impending AI demands. Chipmakers believe the inclusion of NPU blocks in chip designs can lead to better AI functionality with lesser power consumption. David McAfee, AMD’s client channel business corporate vice president and general manager, reflected on the limited number of applications harnessing such capabilities, while hinting at more forthcoming applications.

AI-Equipped Laptops and Demo Showcases

Noteworthy applications that utilize these chips include Adobe (NASDAQ:)’s creative software suite. Intel (NASDAQ:) showcased an “open house” event where several PC vendors displayed their latest NPU-enabled laptops. Devices from Dell, Lenovo and others were presented, housed in a sprawling ballroom at the Venetian Convention Center, Las Vegas Boulevard.

Introduction of AI Key on Dell laptops

A Dell laptop featured at the open house event included an AI key. This new addition, the first of its kind on a Windows keyboard in decades, triggers Microsoft (NASDAQ:)’s generative AI software – Copilot, which assists with applications and offers answers to complex queries. Currently, the AI key takes a noticeable amount of time to execute tasks as it summons a cloud-based Copilot.

Need for More Powerful Machines

Shifting Copilot to PC would require more robust machines than currently exist, even with AI chips in place. High-end laptops incorporating AI chips are currently presented by PC builders partnering with Intel and AMD. David McAfee, emphasized focusing more on premium PCs in the short term, adding that PCs with advanced AI chips could likely cost anywhere between $800 and $1,200.

These advancements in technology could impact trading strategies of forex traders, especially those investing in tech companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, and Dell.

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