PayPal to Cut 9% of Workforce Amidst Restructuring in 2024


  • PayPal Holdings is set to decrease its workforce by about 9% by 2024, as reported by Bloomberg News.
  • This move is a part of new CEO Alex Chriss’s restructuring strategy, amidst rising market competition, profit challenges and numerous analyst downgrades.
  • The layoffs will be a combination of existing employees and elimination of open positions, affecting about 2,500 employees.
  • Paypal’s shares have seen a decrease over 20% in the past year due to weaker earnings and revision of its full-year adjusted operating margin forecast.
  • Chriss, who replaced Dan Schulman, aims to streamline the bloated business structure for efficient operations.

Restructuring under New Leadership

PayPal Holdings (NASDAQ:) announced a plan to reduce its workforce by approximately 9% in 2024, as per Bloomberg News. This decision comes as part of the company’s restructuring strategy under its newly-appointed CEO, Alex Chriss. The move is influenced by rising market competition, profit bottlenecks, and a streak of analyst downgrades.

Layoff Strategy and Impact

In an internal update to the teams, Chriss discussed the strategy that calls for critical steps to optimize operations. This implies direct dismissals along with liquidating the existing open positions throughout the year. Employees affected by this move are likely to receive notifications by this week’s end, the internal memo noted.

Stock update

PayPal’s (PYPL) shares saw a slight increase by 0.3% on Tuesday. As of 2022-end, the workforce of PayPal was around 29,900. This new wave of layoffs, impacting nearly 2,500 workers, trails an alike reduction triggered in the previous year’s January.

Future Objectives

The initiative serves to aid the financial service firm to “move with the speed required to deliver for our customers and induce profitable growth,” expressed Chriss in his letter. “Simultaneously, we’ll persist in investing in business areas that have promising and accelerating growth potential,” he added.

This reshuffling comes at a challenging time for the San Jose, California-based company. The company’s shares have significantly fallen, over 20% in just the past year, mainly because of weakened earnings and a forecast revision of PayPal’s full-year adjusted operating margin.

After stepping into Schulman’s shoes last year, Chriss accentuated on dealing with the company’s prevailing “cost base and complex structure” during their Q3 earnings announcement. Having taken over the chief role, the 46-year-old has brought substantial changes in PayPal’s management outline to streamline operations that surged noticeably during the pandemic.

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