Norwegian Regulator Reviews Tesla Suspension Parts After Customer Reports


  • In 2022, the Norwegian regulatory review was initiated due to customer reports about breakage of certain suspension components in their vehicles.
  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration stated that a break in the rear lower control arm is not a significant risk warranting a recall.
  • Tesla previously conveyed its belief of a low likelihood of a serious issue arising from a damaged or broken rear lower control arm.
  • The traffic safety authority would only intervene if the defect presented a substantial safety risk.

Norwegian Regulatory Review of Vehicle Suspension

Triggered by multiple customer complaints in 2022 about vehicles’ suspension parts, such as the rear lower control arm snapping unexpectedly, the Norwegian regulatory review was launched.

Norwegian Roads Administration’s Stand

According to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, they don’t see a break in the rear lower control arm to pose any unacceptable danger. As such, they believe there’s no grounds for demanding a recall of the vehicles,” as per the regulator’s statement.

Monitoring Situation Closely

Despite their current stance, they emphasized their commitment to monitor the situation closely as it progresses.

Waiting for Tesla’s Response

On the other hand, Tesla has yet to offer an immediate response to the situation.

Tesla’s Previous Response

Previously in August 2023, Tesla indicated in their reply to the regulator that in their perspective, the chance of a grave problem due to a compromised or broken rear lower control arm is fairly low.

Preconditions for Regulatory Action

Moving forward, for the traffic safety watchdog to step in, the defect in question will need to pose a substantial risk to safety.

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