Nokia and T-Mobile Partner to Boost High-Speed Internet Service


  • Nokia and T-Mobile are forging a partnership to advance Fixed-Wireless High-Speed Internet offerings using LTE and 5G technologies.
  • The application of Nokia’s FP5 IP routing silicon in the MAG solution will enhance T-Mobile’s service scalability, minimize operational costs, and reduce the energy footprint.
  • T-Mobile aims to extend High-Speed Internet service reach to approximately 8 million customers by 2025.
  • Nokia’s sound financial metrics, coupled with high shareholder yield, positions it as an attractive investment opportunity.
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T-Mobile and Nokia’s Groundbreaking Collaboration

T-Mobile and Nokia (HE:) are joining forces to deliver a Multi-Access Gateway (MAG) solution, aimed at boosting T-Mobile’s countrywide fixed-wireless High-Speed Internet (HSI) service. This service features LTE and the non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) variants of 5G technology.

The Strategic Significance of MAG Solution

The MAG solution, built on Nokia’s cutting-edge FP5 IP routing silicon, is expected to improve T-Mobile’s service scalability, lower operational expenses, and shrink the energy footprint. This tactical move corresponds with T-Mobile’s ambitious goal of extending its High-Speed Internet service reach to nearly 8 million clients by the end of 2025.

Enhancing T-Mobile’s HSI Offerings

The association with Nokia signals a critical progression for T-Mobile in elevating its HSI offerings throughout the United States. The implementation of Nokia’s technology will contribute to a more efficient and sustainable network infrastructure, a key factor as the demand for high-speed internet services keeps rising.

T-Mobile’s Investment and Commitment

Investments into advanced technologies through alliances, such as with Nokia, reveals T-Mobile’s dedication to improving connectivity and service quality for its consumer base. The company is also keenly attending to sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

InvestingPro Insights

As Nokia progresses with its partnership to boost T-Mobile’s High-Speed Internet service, InvestingPro’s financial metrics depict a prosperous outlook for the company’s economic condition. This strategic partnership, solid financial footing, and the potential for stable growth positions Nokia and T-Mobile as key players to watch in the forex and trading market.

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