MTN Group and Ericsson Partner to Expand Mobile Financial Services in Africa


  • MTN Group and Ericsson join hands to expand mobile financial services in Africa.
  • The plan is part of MTN’s Ambition 2025 strategy for promoting financial inclusion and economic growth in Africa.
  • Ericsson’s Wallet Platform will be leveraged to offer wider financial services to MTN’s 63 million active users.
  • The focus is notably on the unbanked population of Africa, enabling new opportunities for financial growth and management.
  • The use of MTN’s mobile money service, MoMo, will provide access to various financial services, reflecting the commitment of both the companies towards a digitally connected Africa.

MTN and Ericsson Join Forces to Offer Mobile Financial Services

A new partnership has been announced between the MTN Group and a global telecommunications provider, Ericsson, to expand mobile financial services throughout Africa. The partnership is a crucial part of MTN’s Ambition 2025 strategy, aimed at fostering financial inclusion and enabling economic empowerment in the continent.

Ericsson’s Wallet Platform Fuels Expansion

This partnership is set to utilise Ericsson’s Wallet Platform to extend a broader range of financial services to over 63 million active MTN users. The move holds significance as it focuses on the unbanked residents, introducing them to novel opportunities for managing and growing their finances.

Enabling Access to Financial Services with MoMo

MTN’s mobile money service, MoMo, will be instrumental in providing customers with access to a spectrum of financial services. This initiative embodies the joint commitment of both companies towards creating a sustainable and digitally connected Africa.

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This move can potentially influence foreign exchange or trading practices as it brings previously unbanked people into the financial landscape, thus affecting the financial asset market in Africa.

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