Lacroix Among Accused in Quebec Diocese Sexual Assault Lawsuit


    Lacroix, 66, was mentioned among alleged abusers in a case presented to Quebec court. Following this, he voluntarily put a pause on his religious duties. Despite the allegations, his diocese has announced his complete denial of any misconduct. Since 1940, the Quebec diocese has had over 88 priests and staff accused of sexual assault, impacting over 100 people. Among the mentioned is Marc Ouellet, a resigned Canadian cardinal from Vatican, who is bringing a counter lawsuit towards a woman accusing him of sexual assault.

Allegations and Reaction

According to regional news outlets, Lacroix’s name was included in a roster of purported offenders submitted in a Quebec court on Thursday.

The diocese of Quebec indicated that Lacroix, currently 66, had apprised his colleagues about his temporary detachment from his duties until further clarification on the matter is reached.

Lacroix’s Stance and Legal Proceedings

Despite the accusations, Lacroix vehemently rejects any allegations of misdeeds,” stated the diocese. The legal action, which got the green light from the court in 2022, corresponds to over 100 individuals purportedly sexually abused by 88 priests and personnel in the Quebec diocese, dating back to 1940.

Implications for Other Clerics

The lawsuit doesn’t stop with Lacroix as it proceeds to mention Marc Ouellet, former Vatican cardinal of Canada, who resigned his charge the previous year. It was only last December when Ouellet who is now 79, declared that he was initiating legal action against a female accuser charging him with sexual assault over a decade ago, during his tenure as the archbishop of Quebec.

Extent of the Case

The case indeed stretches to name many other clerics who served their time in the diocese and at scholastic divisions, encompassing the Quebec seminary. The majority of those accused are deceased.

Forex Market Impact

Given the large extent of this case, there could potentially be implications for financial markets, particularly within forex trading, as it may affect the Canadian dollar due to the social unrest and potential harm to Canadian reputation.

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