Jefferies Posts Higher Revenue Despite Global M&A Slump in 2023


  • Last year witnessed investment banking giants grappling with high interest rates and economic slowdown initiating a dip in companies’ dealmaking confidence and resulting in mergers and acquisitions volume touching a ten-year low at a global level.
  • Notwithstanding these challenges, Jefferies records an investment banking revenue of $2.29 billion for 2023, higher than the 2019 levels, marking it as the last “standard” year for investment banking says CEO Richard Handler and President Brian Friedman.
  • Driven by strong performance in equity and debt underwriting, investment banking revenue increased 2.5% to $576.7 million in the quarter, although due to weaker fixed income performance, capital markets revenue saw a fall of 1.8% to $481.3 million.
  • The sharp drop in earnings is mainly attributed to the plunge in revenue, nearly 64% from the asset management unit, which had incorporated results from businesses that Jefferies has since let go.

Investment Banking Context Amid Economic Slump

The struggle was real for investment banking giants last year as a backlash from high-interest rates and an economic slowdown. They faced low dealmaking confidence leading to a ten-year low in mergers and acquisitions volume globally.

Jefferies Defies Challenges

Despite such turbulent times, Jefferies managed to record investment banking revenue of $2.29 billion for 2023, surpassing the levels noted in 2019, which is considered the last “standard” year in investment banking, as per CEO Richard Handler and President Brian Friedman.

Revenue Dynamics

Quarterly investment banking revenue witnessed a growth of 2.5%, amounting to $576.7 million. This was driven by strong performances in equity and debt underwriting. However, weaker fixed income performance led to a dip of 1.8% in capital markets revenue, falling to $481.3 million.

Earnings Take a Hit

The bank noted a sharp decrease in profit, amounting to $65.6 million, or 29 cents per share, in the last quarter, from $140.2 million, or 57 cents per share, a year earlier. The main attributor to this drop was the revenue from the asset management unit, which saw a drastic fall of nearly 64% from last year.

US Earnings Season and Jefferies Expansion

Jefferies leads the pack as earnings season for U.S. banks commences, with major names like JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:), Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup slated to report their respective results shortly. Furthermore, Jefferies has broadened its global footprint by inaugurating an investment banking and capital markets unit in Canada last month.

This shift in investment banking giants’ fortunes could impact trading scenarios at a macro level, and influence asset performance, underlining the significance of understanding the industry’s financial landscape.

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