Jasper Takes Charge of RTX’s Defense Division Amidst Increased Demand due to Ukraine War


  • Jasper, aged 55, has been appointed the new head of Raytheon, the defense branch of RTX, in light of the increased demand for their military equipment due to the Ukraine conflict.
  • RTX, the producer of AMRAAM rockets used in the Ukraine war, has garnered more than $3 billion in orders following Russia’s invasion in February 2022.
  • The former president of Collins Aerospace’s Mission Systems, Jasper will now be directly answering to RTX’s Chief Operating Officer Christopher Calio.

Jasper’s New Leadership Role Amid Ukraine Crisis

The defense division of Raytheon was handed over to Jasper, 55, as a rise in the demand for their martial equipment was registered amid the Ukraine war.

RTX’s Increased Revenue Following Russian Invasion

The AMRAAM rockets, a product of RTX that saw use in Ukraine, has led to a surge in the company’s orders post Russia’s invasion in February 2022. The orders, which amount to $3 billion are for replenishing the war supplies of Ukraine and the U.S., and the company predicts more such orders, as informed by the executives.

Jasper’s Reporting Line and Past Experience

With a past stint as the president of Collins Aerospace’s Mission Systems in the year 2018, Jasper will now be working under the direct supervision of RTX’s Chief Operating Officer, Christopher Calio.

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