Israeli Stocks Rise, Led by OPC Energy and Azrieli Group Ltd Gains


  • Israeli stocks have experienced an increase, pushed up the by various sectors.
  • The closing figure for Tel Aviv stocks marked a new 3-month high, punctuated by a 1.60% increase.
  • Notable performers included OPC Energy Ltd and Azrieli Group Ltd, with respective increases of 7.83% and 6.52%.
  • However, there were a few disappointing performances as well. Newmed Energy LP and First International Bank of Israel Ltd saw declines of 0.48% and 0.40%, respectively.
  • The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange observed more rising stocks than declining ones, with 422 seeing an increase and 72 seeing a decrease.
  • Commodities trading saw Crude oil take a dip while the US Dollar Index Futures saw an increase.

Tel Aviv Stock Index Climbs to A 3-Months High

The Israeli stock market saw a rise in stocks after Monday’s closings, with sectors such as , , and leading this positive trend. In particular, the Tel Aviv-based index reported an increase of 1.60%, marking a new high for the past three months.

Noteworthy Performances in the Stock Market

The standout performers for the session included OPC Energy Ltd and Azrieli Group Ltd, which saw increases of 7.83% and 6.52%, respectively. Also, Big Shopping Centers Ltd noticed a rise of 4.92%.

Disappointments in the Stock Market

On the other hand, some stocks did not perform as well. Newmed Energy LP recorded a slight drop, falling by 0.48%. Similarly, First International Bank of Israel Ltd declined by 0.40%. The session was also not bright for Ormat Technologies as it reported no significant change.

Overall Performance of the Stock Market

Setting aside the few losers, most stocks on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange were on a positive trajectory. An impressive 422 stocks managed to achieve a gain while a mere 72 faced a decline.

Commodities Trading – Oil and Gold

Looking at the commodities market, Crude oil for February delivery took a slight hit, falling by 0.61%. Likewise, the February Gold Futures contract also saw a reduction of 0.56%. However, Brent oil for March delivery reported only a minor decrease of 0.10%.

Currencies and Forex

On a brighter note, USD/ILS showed a positive movement with a rise of 0.62%, and similarly, EUR/ILS also portrayed a climb of 0.31%. Additionally, the US Dollar Index Futures was on an upward trend, it experienced a growth of 0.15% at 101.06.

The positive gain of Israeli stocks might attract more investors and traders offering them opportunities for diversified portfolio. On the Forex front, African currencies could be impacted due to these market changes.

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