Israel Stock Market Rises, Led by Phoenix Holdings and Amot Investments


  • The Tel Aviv stock market ended higher on Sunday, with noticeable gains in various sectors.
  • Phoenix Holdings Ltd, Amot Investments Ltd, and Newmed Energy LP were among the top performers.
  • Sapiens International Corporation NV, Camtek Ltd, and Delek Group were the biggest laggards.
  • On the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, upward-moving stocks surpassed declining stocks.
  • Crude oil and Brent oil witnessed a slight decrease, while a drop was also observed in the gold futures contract.
  • In terms of currency, a drop was noticed in both USD/ILS and EUR/ILS.
  • The US Dollar Index Futures registered a marginal increase.

Stock Market Performance

The stock market in Israel saw an uplifting vibe as the trading closed on Sunday. Broad-based gains in several sectors steered the shares to a more promising path. Consequentially, the Tel Aviv index marked a 0.62% rise.

Best and Worst Performers

Among many, Phoenix Holdings Ltd turned out to be a solid performer in the session on the Tel Aviv stock market, climbing 3.87% or 142.00 points to close at 3,807.00. Additionally, Amot Investments Ltd and Newmed Energy LP also witnessed a positive trajectory, ending at 2,000.00 and 1,040.00 respectively.

On the contrary, Sapiens International Corporation NV didn’t perform as expected, dropping 1.22% or 130.00 points to conclude at 10,530.00. Similarly, both Camtek Ltd and Delek Group exhibited a downward trend, closing at 25,190.00 and 46,450.00 respectively.

Overall Market and Commodity Overview

Rising stocks on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange outnumbered the declining ones by a margin of 325 to 162, with 51 landing in the unchanged zone. In the commodities market, both Crude oil and Brent oil logged a decline, whereas the February Gold Futures contract also registered a dip.

Currency Market Status

In the money market, USD/ILS and EUR/ILS pairs recorded losses, whereas the US Dollar Index Futures steered clear with a gain of 0.15%, landing at 101.06.

Such fluctuations in the trading and currency markets, as well as price shifts in the commodities market, influence the making and breaking of key forex decisions, thus impacting assets and their future prospects.

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