IronFX’s Global Impact: Key Financial Events of 2023 and 2024 Outlook


  • Leading foreign-exchange trading company, IronFX, demonstrated an active global engagement in 2023, marking its presence at various key industry events.
  • The brand was active in Affiliate World Dubai 2023, Traders Fair Philippines SEA 2023, Traders Fair Vietnam- South East Asia 2023, Money Expo Mexico City 2023, Influencer Iconos-Colombia-Latin America 2023 and Forex Expo Dubai 2023.
  • IronFX is set to participate in upcoming major industry events in 2024 including the iFX EXPO Dubai 2024 and Money Expo Mexico 2024.
  • All these engagement reflect IronFX’s commitment to staying updated on industry trends and building robust global networks.

In 2023, recognized as a global leader in foreign-exchange trading, IronFX was dynamic and fully involved in notable industry events. This reinforced their dedication to staying updated with industry trends. Through networking, sharing knowledge, and establishing links within the financial industry, IronFX further strengthened its position as a credible global collaborator for traders, investors, and financial institutions.

Affiliate World Dubai 2023:

In January 2023, IronFX joined the Affiliate World Dubai event, one of the affiliate marketing industry’s most influential congregations. As an exhibitor, IronFX could showcase its inventive trading services and interact with industry experts from across the globe. The event, which emphasised knowledge sharing and networking, allowed IronFX to deepen its affiliations within the affiliate marketing community.

Traders Fair Philippines:

IronFX participated in the Traders Fair Philippines SEA in May 2023, a prime event focusing on educational seminars that united important people within the financial community. Company representatives got the chance to engage with a diverse audience and showcase IronFX’s extensive trading products and services. Attendees were offered a platform to educate themselves about the current market trends and essentially gain invaluable insights from industry experts.

Traders Fair Vietnam –  South East Asia:

IronFX continued its journey in June 2023 by participating in the Traders Fair Vietnam. As an exhibitor, IronFX was able to engage with traders, investors, and financial professionals from Vietnam and nearby regions. The event was a memorable experience, giving IronFX a platform to showcase its innovative trading technology and introduce its services to regional traders. IronFX made impressive connections within the Vietnamese trading community, emphasising networking and knowledge sharing.

Money Expo, Mexico City:

In May, IronFX was found at the Money Expo in Mexico City. As the gold sponsor of this premier event, IronFX was one of the primary exhibitors at this leading event that brings together traders, Introducing Brokers (IBs), investors, B2B service providers, and other market participants. This was a terrific networking opportunity with Latin American traders, allowing IronFX to form relationships with IBs and share insights on current market trends.

Influencer Iconos, Medellin, Colombia – Latin America:

IronFX, in June 2023, engaged in the Influencer Iconos event in Medellin, Colombia, an event that fosters the use of new communication and media technologies. As a platinum sponsor of one of the most anticipated influencer events in Latin America, IronFX interacted with financial enthusiasts globally. This event aimed to recognize and promote digital creatives like YouTubers, Instagrammers, gamers and TikTokers. By partaking in the Influencer Iconos event, IronFX demonstrated its dedication to staying updated with digital marketing trends and creating robust financial and social media influencer relationships within the Latin American market.

Cripto Latin Fest:

IronFX continued its active participation in important industry events by being one of the chief sponsors of the Cripto Latin Fest in August 2023. This event, held at the Maloka Interactive Centre in Bogota, Colombia, assembled industry experts and investors, with edifying panels discussing the latest trends and advancements in the cryptocurrency world. IronFX’s sponsorship of the event emphasized its commitment to supporting the growth and adoption of digital currencies in the Latin American market.

Forex Expo Dubai 2023:

In September 2023, IronFX, as a bronze sponsor and exhibitor, featured at the Forex Expo Dubai, a significant congregation in the forex trading industry. This provided IronFX an opportunity to display its advanced trading tools and services. As a dependable broker with a global presence, IronFX interacted with traders, investors, and financial institutions worldwide. The event served as an opportunity for IronFX to bolster its brand presence and expand its network within the Forex trading community.

Upcoming Events – 2024:

Looking forward to 2024, IronFX has already arranged exciting events to continue its eventful journey in the financial markets. One such upcoming event is the iFX EXPO Dubai 2024, which begins on January 16. Being an industry-leading event, iFX EXPO Dubai will amalgamate professionals from the Forex, Fintech, Payments and Blockchain industries. IronFX’s involvement in the event will enable it to exhibit its latest innovations and reinforce its position as a market leader.

Another event on IronFX’s radar is Money Expo Mexico 2024, slated for February 7, 2024. This event will provide IronFX an opportunity to connect with traders, investors, and financial institutions in Mexico and explore new business opportunities in the region. IronFX’s involvement in the Money Expo Mexico signifies its commitment to expanding its presence in the Latin American market.

IronFX will also partake in iFX EXPO LATAM 2024, on April 9 to 11. This will merge industry professionals from the forex and fintech sectors to discuss the latest trends and developments in the Mexican and global financial markets. IronFX’s involvement in iFX EXPO LATAM will boost its relationships within the industry and cement its position as a reliable partner for traders and investors.

To conclude, IronFX’s active engagement throughout 2023 has positioned the company at the forefront of industry trends and nurtured strong global connections. Their constant involvement in key industry events and persistence in networking and knowledge sharing, positions IronFX as a trusted international partner for traders, investors, and financial institutions. This constant engagement in global financial events is likely to significantly shape forex and trading trends, influencing key assets prioritized by traders and investors.

In 2024, IronFX looks forward to similar participation in upcoming events that reflect its commitment to growth and expansion in international financial markets. Stay tuned to IronFX’s website to be updated with the company’s news.

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