India Stocks Rise: Wipro, HCL Technologies, and Bajaj Auto Perform Strongly


Indian stocks rose at the close on Monday with leading sectors at the forefront. Notable performances came from Wipro Ltd , HCL Technologies and Bajaj Auto . On the flip side, Grasim Industries , HDFC Bank Ltd and Bajaj Finance experienced a decrease. Shares in Wipro Ltd reached new 52-week highs. The future of Gold and Crude Oil were all affected. The US Dollar Index Futures were also down.

Indian Stock Market Recap

The Indian stock market experienced a surge after closing on Monday, primarily driven by boosts in the , and sectors.

The top performer was Wipro Ltd which rose to 461.90 at the close, followed by HCL Technologies and Bajaj Auto with 1,460.00 and 6,394.35 respectively.


On the downside, Grasim Industries fell to 2,047.50 at closing, with HDFC Bank Ltd and Bajaj Finance trailing behind at 1,668.70 and 7,290.60 respectively.

Commodities and Forex Trading

Gold Futures for February saw a rise, whilst Crude oil for the same month fell. The March Brent oil contract also dipped slightly. In forex trading, the USD/INR was stagnant whilst the EUR/INR had a slight rise. The slump was also visible within the US Dollar Index Futures, suggesting an instability.

In conclusion, these movements could introduce turbulence into the commodities trading and Forex markets. Particularly affected assets could be Gold, Crude Oil, and US Dollar Index Futures.

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