Impact of Road Blockades on Lithium Mining in World’s Largest Deposit


  • The duration and financial repercussions of the road blockade leading to the world’s largest lithium deposit are unknown, as stated by the mining company.
  • Native organizations have halted access to mining activities in the southern salt flat, obstructing staff, supplies, and lithium transportation for companies such as SQM and Albemarle.
  • The Atacama Indigenous Council intends to end the occupation following a pledge by the mining ministry that President Gabriel Boric will visit the area.
  • The protests were ignited by a disputed pact between SQM, Codelco, and indigenous leaders who believed it neglected community concerns regarding lithium mining in the Atacama.

Blockade Impact on Mining Operations

“Due to the uncertain duration of the road blockade, it is challenging for our company to assess the financial implications of the stoppage,” the mining firm stated on Saturday.

Interruption by Indigenous Groups

For several days, indigenous organizations have barred public highways leading to mining activities in the southern part of the salt flat, renowned as the globe’s biggest lithium deposit. They’ve impeded staff, resources, and lithium for companies like SQM and the U.S.-based Albemarle from entering or exiting.

End of Occupation and Protest

The Atacama Indigenous Council, on Saturday, stated that the blockade would end following assurance from the mining ministry regarding a visit by President Gabriel Boric. It is currently unclear whether protesters remain in the region as of Sunday.

Origins of Demonstrations

The protests began due to an agreement between SQM and the state-operated firm, Codelco, last month. Indigenous leaders argue that it disregards local populations, despite recent government promises of discussions on lithium mining in the Atacama area.

The current events surrounding lithium mining stand to significantly impact global commodity trading, particularly affecting the trading prospects and valuation of lithium-based assets.

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