HPE Targets Juniper’s AI and Network Security Amid Server Business Slump


  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) grapples with slowing demand in server business and aims to leverage Juniper’s products like network security and AI-based enterprise networking solutions.
  • Revenue from Mist AI, Juniper’s AI platform for enterprise network streamlining, has seen significant growth in recent quarters.
  • HPE and Juniper face challenges following the pandemic, but HPE’s expansive product portfolio has helped it better manage the slowdown.
  • Juniper faces competition from Cisco Systems and Nvidia and has struggled with weak demand from carriers and cable operators grappling with inflation.
  • Juniper’s market value stands at $9.6 billion with a price-to-earnings ratio of 12.95 for the coming year.

HPE Turns to Juniper Offerings Amid Slow Server Demand

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is aiming to benefit from the products of Juniper, such as network security and AI-powered enterprise networking operations, to counter the sluggish demand in its traditional server business.

Juniper’s Mist AI Shows Promise

Juniper’s Mist AI, a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that helps businesses streamline operations across wired and wireless networks, has seen its revenue nearly double in the past few quarters, as stated by CEO Rami Rahim in December.

Juniper’s Strategy

“Broadening the use of Mist’s innovative technology across more layers of the network is definitely a part of our strategy,” Rahim had previously noted.

HPE and Juniper’s Performance Post-Pandemic

Although both HPE and Juniper have faced struggles following the surge in pandemic-induced demand, HPE’s diverse range of products has allowed it to better navigate the downturn compared to Juniper.

Juniper Faces Competitive Pressure

Juniper has been plagued by weak demand from wireless carriers and cable operators impacted by inflation, as well as competitive pressures from industry giants such as Cisco Systems and Nvidia.

Juniper’s Stock Performance

Shares of Juniper, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, have experienced a decline of over 17%, trailing behind the index over 2022 and 2023.

As of the last close, Juniper has a market value of approximately $9.6 billion, with a share price of $30.22. Its shares traded at $37.25 on Tuesday, while Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s stock fell nearly 8%.

Juniper’s P/E Ratio Comparison

The price-to-earnings ratio for Juniper for the next twelve months stands at 12.95, marginally higher than the 12.80 of Cisco, according to data by LSEG.

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