H&M Shares Drop 10% as CEO Departs Amid Q4 Sales Decline


  • H & M’s stock plunged nearly 10% in Stockholm following a decrease in Q4 sales and the unexpected resignation of its CEO.
  • The retail company recorded a 1% fall in sales in local currencies in 2023, and a 4% YoY decrease in the final quarter.
  • However, there was a significant growth in annual operating profit, especially in Q4 which saw a dramatic rise from the previous year despite not meeting analysts’ expectations.
  • CEO Helena Helmersson, who has had a four-year stint in the role, stepped down and will be replaced by company veteran Daniel Erver.
  • The company reaffirmed its 2021 goal to double its sales by 2030, which requires an 8% average annual increase in revenues over the next six years.

H&M Stock and Q4 Sales Dip

In Stockholm, H&M shares plummeted around 10% after the company reported a dip in sales for Q4 and the unforeseen exit of its CEO.

Financial Performance

The company’s sales notably decreased 1% in local currencies in 2023 and declined 4% YoY in Q4.

The operating profit of the full financial year surged to an impressive 14.5 billion Swedish krona ($1.4 billion), from 7.17 billion krona the previous year. The Q4 standalone operating profit recorded was 4.33 billion krona ($415.4 million), up from 821 million krona YoY, but lower than the 4.57 billion forecasted by experts.

Contrarily, the operating profit margin decreased 7.2%, slightly lower than the 7.8% in the preceding quarter.

Leadership Transition

H&M’s CEO, Helena Helmersson, resigned from her position, which will now be taken over by experienced executive Daniel Erver. Helmersson cited the job’s demanding nature as a reason, admitting she lacked the energy to carry on.

H&M chairperson Karl-Johan Persson praised Daniel as a skilled and respected leader and expressed his faith in Daniel’s potential to continue H&M’s development.

Forward Outlook

Despite these developments, H&M is optimistic about the future. They maintain the objective to double sales by 2030, which they originally set in 2021. By doing so, they would boost revenues by an annual average of 8% for the next six years. The company also targets achieving a 10% profit margin by 2024.

However, Morgan Stanley analysts expect investor skepticism to persist due to the unforeseen CEO transition and question whether the 10% margin target for 2024 is feasible.

The financial turbulence surrounding H&M poses potential implications for forex or trading. Concerning assets, currency traders, particularly in Swedish Krona-related pairs, may be impacted by such news alongside those with interests in retail sector stocks.

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