Guidelines for Engaging in Financial Discussions on

Participation Recommendations

We invite you to contribute to conversations, share your insights, ask authors and fellow users for their views. To preserve the quality discussions we all appreciate, please take note of the guidelines below: 


  • Boost the dialogue, don’t damage it.

  • Remain on topic and organized. Only share information that is related to the subject at hand. 

  • Show respect. Even negative sentiments can be expressed in a positive and diplomatic manner. Avoid derogatory language, defamation or personal attacks targeting an author or another user. Discrimination in any form will not be accepted.

  • Adhere to a standard writing style. This includes proper punctuation and use of capital and lower-case letters. Comments written in all capital letters with excessive symbols will be removed.
  • NOTE: Content that can be seen as spam or promotional messages, including links, will be eliminated. Phone numbers, email addresses, links to personal or company websites, and communication information will also be removed. Violations may lead to account suspension.
  • No Doxxing.Sharing of private or confidential information about individuals or organizations is strictly prohibited. Violators will have their commenting privileges promptly suspended.
  • Avoid conversation domination. While your passion and conviction are valued, we believe in giving all users a chance to share their views. Make your point thoughtfully and precisely without monopolizing the conversation. We reserve to the right to ban those that violate these rules.
  • English-only comments are allowed.
  • Remember, any comments you make are public and may appear in search results from providers like Google.

Users that violate these guidelines will be blocked from the site and may be banned from future registration at our discretion.

Impact on Forex and Trading

The outcome of these conversations can have significant implications for forex or trading, affecting various assets. It is therefore paramount to contribute thoughtfully and respectfully.

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