Guidelines for Engaging in Financial Discussions on

Participation Guidelines for Our Users

We invite all readers to use the comments section in order to engage in meaningful discussions with others, share their viewpoints, and clarify their doubts. We always strive to promote meaningful discourse. To ensure the quality of conversation is maintained, we request you to follow the guidelines provided below:


  • Enrich the conversation, don’t diminish it. Constructive discussions lead to better understanding.
  • Stick to the discussion topic. Only post material relevant to the topic under discussion.
  • Respect each other. Even negative feedback can be framed in a positive, constructive manner. Discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • Maintain a standard writing style. Proper usage of punctuation and letter case is required.
  • Avoid posting spam or promotional messages. Misleading content and contact detail sharing are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not share any private or personal contact details or information about any individual or organization.
  • Avoid dominating the conversation. Aim for a balanced interaction, giving each participant their fair chance to speak.
  • Ensure your comments are in English.
  • Your comments, along with your profile, will be made public and may be indexed through third party search engines.

Violations of these guidelines will lead to deletion from the site and possible permanent ban from future registrations.

The Impact on Forex or Trading:

Maintaining a respectful community discourse can foster a conducive environment for insightful trading discussions, affecting the trade of various assets positively. Regular participation might also provide current investment trends and ideas that could be beneficial for your trading strategy.

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