Guidelines for Engaging in Financial Discussions on

We urge our users to use the comments section for engagement with others, to voice their opinion, and ask questions of authors and other users. However, to keep a refined level of discourse which we all value, kindly follow these rules:


  • Enrich the conversation. Don’t ruin it.
  • Be specific and relevant.
  • Be respectful. Negative opinions should be phrased positively and civilly.
  • Use a standard writing style. Caps usage and symbol excesses will not be allowed.
  • Doxxing is a violation.
  • Do not monopolize the discussion. Give everyone a chance to air their views.
  • English is the language of the comments section.
  • Your published comments and your profile will be public.

Anyone found spamming or abusing will be deleted and future registration will be forbidden.

Enriching the Discussion

Be a valuable part of the conversation, not a detractor.

Staying Focused

Keep your contributions relevant and to the point. Only share matter that relates to the topic in discussion.

Respecting Others

Respect everyone. Even if you have contradicting opinions, express them pleasantly and with restraint.

Writing Style

  • Adhere to a standard writing style. Excessive symbols or caps usage is unacceptable.


  • Spam promotional messages, comments or links are not permitted. Discordant behavior could result in account suspension.

    No Personal Attacks

  • No tolerance for slanderous personal attacks on any individual or organization. It will result in instantaneous account deactivation.

    No Excessive Commenting

  • Do not dominate the discussion.

    By following these guidelines, you can help us to maintain a respectful and engaging community. Breach of the code may result in account suspension or ban from the site.

    In terms of Forex or trading, compromising the community guidelines can potentially lead to the suspension of online financial resources.

    PIP Penguin