Guidelines: Engaging in Financial Discussions Respectfully Online

We urge users to utilise comments as a platform for interaction, sharing viewpoints, and posing questions to authors and their fellow readers. To ensure we preserve the high-standard discourse we all appreciate, we request that you keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Contribute positively to the discussion, don’t detract from it.

  • Remain attentive and consistent. Only publish content relevant to the subject under discussion.
  • Respectfulness

    Even critical viewpoints can be constructively and tactfully articulated. Steer clear of foul language, defamation, or personal assaults aimed at an author or another user. No forms of discrimination will be tolerated.

  • Standard Writing Style

    Ensure the inclusion of correct punctuation and upper and lower case letters. Comments in all capitals or with excessive symbol usage will be removed.

  • Spam and Promotional Messages

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  • Do not dominate the conversation

    While we value passion, we respect everyone’s right to express their views. Keep your opinions concise and considerate to avoid annoying or offending others.

  • Language Restrictions

    Only comments in English will be accepted.

  • Public comments

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Users found to be posting spam or abusive content will be removed from the site and may face a ban from future registration at’s discretion.


  • Contribute positively to the discussion and avoid detracting from it.
  • Remain attentive and focused on the subject under discussion.
  • Ensure respectful communication with others.
  • Use standard writing style.
  • Do not post spam, promotional messages, or share personal information.
  • Avoid dominating or controlling the conversation.
  • Comments should be in English.
  • Your comments and profile will be public on and searchable on third-party engines like Google.

Market Impact

These guidelines help maintain effective communication among users, crucial for understanding the diverse market currents affecting forex trading and various financial assets.

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