Google Faces Major Defeat in Epic Antitrust Lawsuit over App Store Fees


  • A landmark court ruling has seen tech giant Google held accountable on all charges, as presented by Epic in their lawsuit case.
  • Epic accused Google of stifling competition and charging overly high fees of up to 30% to app developers.
  • The court will commence discussions in January concerning the appropriate remedies to be implemented.
  • The verdict could significantly impact the way developers distribute and profit from their apps if it remains upheld.
  • While Google intends to appeal the ruling, Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney hailed the verdict as a victory against the ‘Google Play monopoly.’

Google’s Legal Defeat

According to a court filing, a jury sided with Epic on every count following a month-long trial. Epic’s lawsuit accused Google of abusing its position to suppress competitors and impose inflated fees of up to 30% on app developers. The court will carefully deliberate on the necessary remedies starting from January.

Implications for Google and Developers

This ruling signifies a noteworthy setback for Google, co-operator of one of the world’s largest app stores with Apple (NASDAQ:). If the ruling survives, it may provide developers with more influence over how they distribute their apps and reap profits from them.

Google’s Response to the Ruling

Google has expressed its intention to appeal the decision. Wilson White, Google’s vice president of government affairs and public policy, reaffirmed Google’s commitment to defending the Android business model and its primary stakeholders which include users, partners, and the wider Android ecosystem.

Google’s Alleged Malpractice

Epic’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, lauded the ruling on X social media platform, decrying the ‘Google Play monopoly.’ Among the accusations made were that Google illicitly links its Play store and billing service, forcing developers to use both for their apps to be included in the store.

Potential Consequences of the Ruling

The ruling could potentially require Google to permit more app stores on its Android devices, potentially resulting in a loss of revenue from its share of in-app purchases.

Final Thoughts

The impact of this case on the Forex and trading fields could be significant, potentially influencing the value of Google’s shares and possibly other assets as other tech companies take note and react to protect themselves from similar lawsuits. Therefore, traders need to monitor the developments of this case closely.

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