Global IPO Market Resurgence Expected in 2024: Major Listings on Horizon


  • In 2024, the global Initial Public Offering (IPO) market is set for a revival.
  • Companies from different regions are preparing for significant listings including Alibaba’s logistics arm, Cainiao, Tokyo Metro, and Ola.
  • In Europe, potential interest rate cuts are fostering a positive atmosphere for IPOs.
  • In the U.S., there are predicted to be between 120 and 170 IPOs this year.
  • These developments may have a substantial influence on forex and trading movements.

Global IPO Market in 2024

The worldwide Initial Public Offering (IPO) market is set for a rebound in 2024 when companies across varying regions plan for significant listings. In Asia, Alibaba (NYSE:)’s logistics arm, Cainiao, plans a Hong Kong IPO potentially valued at $1 billion.

Upcoming Major IPOs

At the same time, Tokyo Metro is headed for a $5 billion offering, having received approval from Japan’s Transport Ministry. Additionally, Indian electric scooter manufacturer Ola is in the mix, hoping to generate $660 million for its IPO.

Market Conditions in Europe

In Europe, the prospect of interest rate cuts is spawning a hopeful climate for IPOs. Companies like Germany’s Douglas and Spain’s Tendam considering entries into the market. Moreover, pharmaceutical conglomerate Sanofi (NASDAQ:) is contemplating offloading its consumer-health branch, an action likely to value the new company at over $20 billion.

US IPO Forecast

The United States isn’t lagging, as Renaissance Capital predicts between 120 and 170 IPOs this year. Social media platform Reddit, although its profitability remains closely examined, aspires for a near $15 billion valuation.

These developments and overall trends in the IPO market may significantly impact forex and trading, particularly affecting assets related to the companies undergoing IPOs.

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