Financial Update: Tech Losses Continue, Banks Gain Ahead of Earnings Season


  • Due to continuous profit-taking by tech-focused investors, the year has begun dismally with a third consecutive loss.
  • Expectations that the Federal Reserve may begin lowering rates this year didn’t find solid footing in the latest minutes from the bank’s December policy meeting.
  • Thursday saw investors remaining careful, while a rise in yields on U.S. Treasuries led traders to pivot from growth stocks to other sectors.
  • Insurance companies seem to be profiting, with firms like Allstate, American International Group and Hartford Financial Services Group reaching significant milestones.
  • Banking institutions that managed to control the rapid increase in central bank rates on their balance sheets effectively last year are bound to reap the benefits in 2024.
  • Recent economic data indicates promising signs for the economy, with an increase in hiring by U.S. private employers in December.
  • Nonetheless, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite recorded losses, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average witnessed a slight rise.

Market Trends

The year’s dismal launch saw its third sequential loss extended, thanks to tech-focused investors persistently taking profits in the wake of a torrid rally seen in last year’s culminating weeks.

High hopes of the Federal Reserve potentially inducing a cut in rates this year spearheaded gains as 2023 came to an end. However, the latest notes from the bank’s December policy meeting failed to provide a clear picture of when rate lowering might actually kick off.

Investor Behavior and Market Movements

Investors were seen exercising caution this Thursday. An upsurge in yields on long-term U.S. Treasuries – with the benchmark 10-year note inching towards 4% – spurred traders to diverge from growth stocks and explore other sectors instead.

In the midst of this, Financials featured as one of the leading gainers across sectors, buoyed by Allstate, which reached a new all-time high following an ‘overweight’ rating upgrade from Morgan Stanley.

Other insurance firms such as American International Group and Hartford Financial Services Group also showed robust performance, closing at levels not witnessed since 2008.

Banks and Earnings Season

The banking sphere saw strong performances right before the onset of the ensuing earnings season. Notably, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Truist Financial Corp advanced following encouraging analyst reports from BofA Global Research.

With financial institutions having effectively managed the impact of briskly-rising central bank rates on their balance sheets last year, they are poised for an advantageous 2024—thanks to lower-yielding investments rolling off and reinvestment in higher-yield new securities, as stated by the portfolio manager of The gabelli Global Financial Services Fund, Ian Lapey.

Outlook and Economic Data

According to recent economic data, U.S. private employers hired more employees than predicted in December, indicating the labor market’s resilient strength that should continue fueling the U.S. economy. Nonetheless, the weekly Labor Department’s report showcased higher-than-expected filings for state unemployment claims.

In conclusion, these disturbances in the finance sector can potentially influence trading and asset value—particularly those assets linked to the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite.

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