Federal Reserve’s Rate Decision and Global Market Forecast


This financial update provides a peek into the upcoming day in European and global markets. The main points of interest are the Federal Reserve’s approaching rate decision and Chair Jerome Powell’s language. It also seeks to explore Goldman Sach’s forecast revision for the first rate cut considering the potential cut in May. Furthermore, it delves into the impact of China stepping up policy adjustments on their economic recovery. Lastly, the update is poised to analyze the direction other global banks might take, post the Fed’s decision. Market performance and key developments poised to influence Wednesday’s markets also hold significance.

Forward Outlook for Global Markets

The financial market’s sights are set on Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and the central bank’s future policy dot plot in light of its impending rate decision on Wednesday. The expectations are already strong for this decision, with market predictions showing a 75% possibility of a cut happening as early as May.

Tracking Inflation and Wall Street

Powell is expected to carefully handle the inflation scenario. The inflation data released on Tuesday seemed to have not affected the anticipated timeline for rate reductions in the coming year. Wall Street, in the meantime, witnessed a high point for 2023 on Tuesday, igniting hopes among investors for a potential Fed pivot.

Goldman Sachs and Economic Developments in China

Notably, Goldman Sachs analysts revised their forecast of the inaugural rate cut to the third quarter of the next year, as compared to the previously anticipated fourth quarter. In another part of the globe, China has declared its intention to enhance policy modifications to facilitate its economic rehabilitation in 2024. However, this move seems to have not generated the desired enthusiasm among investors, leading to a dip in Chinese stocks.

Influence on International Banks

Following the Federal Reserve’s outcomes, the European Central Bank (ECB), the Bank of England (BoE), the Swiss National Bank, and Norges Bank anticipate their results. The events surrounding Powell’s statements will likely shape the state of world stocks and impact Wednesday’s global market outcome. This places great importance on the forthcoming key developments including UK GDP estimates for October, Euro zone industrial production for October, and Federal Reserve policy decision.

Impact on Forex Trading

This financial outlook and the Federal Reserve’s rate decision could heavily influence Forex trading and related assets, underlining the need for investors to closely observe the unfolding global financial landscape, particularly the Federal Reserve’s stance.

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