EYWA: Redefining Luxury Homes with Nature Inspired Designs


  • EYWA’s design concept seeks to redefine home by prioritizing personal and familial development.
  • Its luxurious architecture goes beyond material wealth, incorporating a holistic approach that engages emotion.
  • EYWA aims to revolutionize luxury living by embracing the complex interaction of nature and humanity.
  • Strategically located in Business Bay, EYWA offers an immersive experience away from noisy streets.
  • EYWA is more than just a place to live; it is a unique lifestyle choice that embodies an entire ecosystem crafted to enhance the overall well-being of its residents.

A New Definition of Luxury Living

At EYWA, the meaning of home is revolutionized for thriving and educated individuals who actively seek personal and familial growth.

Within the architectural structure of EYWA, traditional representations of material prosperity are surpassed. It envisions a comprehensive approach that engages human emotions. ‘Wild Luxury,’ as coined by EYWA, entails more than rich architecture and sophisticated interior design. It celebrates the intricate interplay between humans and nature, fostering a unique lifestyle that nourishes the soul, enhances health, and bolsters overall welfare.

More Than a Home

EYWA places emphasis on the belief that owning luxury should not be the only aspiration as we navigate the 21st century. EYWA gifts its residents more than mere shelter; it offers a distinct, organic, vivid, and engrossing way of living. It behaves like a living, breathing entity that interacts with its inhabitants at all intersections, both internally and externally, infusing them with harmony, positivity, and a sense of success.

Beyond Traditional City Life

Nestled in the heart of Business Bay, EYWA offers a peaceful haven away from noise and chaos, assuring tranquility and serenity amidst picturesque surroundings. Its profound connection to nature, breathtaking views and commitment to residents’ well-being epitomize the marriage of nature-inspired luxury and urban living.

EYWA’s unique architectural inspiration derives from the Tree of Life, particularly the Banyan tree, symbolizing rejuvenation, growth, and enduring harmony. The façade, adorned with greenery, creates a unique and immersive living experience for residents, punctuated by private waterfalls, pools, and gardens to enhance the connection with nature.

The EYWA commitment extends from the bespoke interior spaces and amenities, including a chef’s table and library, to outdoor features such as private waterfalls and hammocks. All designed to enrich the wellbeing and touch the hearts and senses of its residents.

EYWA’s location and offerings may have significant implications for forex trading and real estate investment. Properties like EYWA, which are strategically located and offer added value can serve as assets with potential for price appreciation and profitability.

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