Ex-Billionaire Bankman-Fried Convicted on Seven Fraud Counts


Prosecutors have filed a letter at the federal court in Manhattan revealing their preference for a quick resolution in the case against 31-year-old ex-billionaire, Bankman-Fried. The strong public interest eyeing the resolution overweighs the benefits of a second trial. Known for embezzling $8 billion from FTX clients, Bankman-Fried was found guilty of seven charges related to fraud and conspiracy, with his sentencing scheduled for March 28th, 2024. Representatives for Bankman-Fried declined to comment, however, an anticipated appeal against this decision is likely.

The Conviction

In late last week, the federal court in Manhattan received a prosecutor’s letter indicating the strong public impetus for a swift conclusion of the case against the former billionaire Bankman-Fried, aged 31. This, they argued, preempts the merits of a second trial. Notably, Bankman-Fried’s sentencing, slated for March 28, 2024, will likely include forfeitures and restitution to his victims.

The jury convicted Bankman-Fried on all seven counts of fraud and conspiracy that he was facing. Prosecutors alleged that he drained a whopping $8 billion from FTX clients out of mere avarice.

More Charges and Future of Bankman-Fried

Bankman-Fried was up against six additional accusations that were set apart from his initial trial. These included campaign finance irregularities, conspiracy to bribe, and conspiracy to operate an unauthorized money transmitting business. As of now, his lawyers have refrained from making any comments.

Besides, he had been extradited from the Bahamas in December 2022, where the groundwork of FTX was laid, to face these seven early charges. However, the Bahamas hasn’t sanctioned the remaining charges, resulting in an uncertain timetable, as per prosecutors.

Downfall and Appeals

About a year ago, Bankman-Fried’s verdict came nearly one year after FTX applied for bankruptcy and his $26 billion fortune was wiped out, which marked one of the fastest collapses in the history of major participants in U.S. financial markets.

If convicted by US District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan, Bankman-Fried could end up serving several decades behind bars. The prosecutors said that much of the evidence that could be brought up at a second trial was already exhibited at the first trial.

It is anticipated that Bankman-Fried will challenge his conviction. Testifying at the trial, he admitted to making blunders while managing FTX, which included lack of risk management team creation, but he denied stealing client funds.

Before they both fell, he claimed the funds borrowed by his crypto-focused hedge fund, Alameda Research, from FTX were authorized and he didn’t realize their financial insecurity until just prior.

Jailed and Next Steps

Since August, MIT graduate Bankman-Fried is behind bars after Kaplan discarded his bail when he found it probable that Bankman-Fried had interfered with possible trial witnesses.

This case continues in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, under No. 22-cr-00673.

The fallout from this case could have implications for forex and trading markets, particularly on digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

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