Disney’s Board Battle: CEO Return, Billion-Dollar Losses, & New Strategy Advisors


Disney’s board is undergoing major transformations as the company grapples with significant changes, including a $1.5 billion quarterly loss in its streaming sector and underperformance of numerous movie franchises. Bob Iger, former CEO from 2005 to 2020, has retaken the helm in November 2022. The investment firm ValueAct is poised to offer strategic advice to Disney, supporting its director nominees in the upcoming annual shareholder meeting. The firm has previously held leadership roles at companies such as 21st Century Fox and Salesforce. Meanwhile, Nelson Peltz, CEO of Trian, has nominated himself and ex-Disney CFO James Rasulo to Disney’s board. In response, Disney has rejuvenated its board in November, including adding former Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman and SKY’s ex-CEO Jeremy Darroch as directors.

The High-Stake Fight for Disney’s Board

Bob Iger’s return as the CEO in November 2022, following a $1.5 billion financial hit in Disney’s streaming unit and subpar performance of its film franchises, highlights the high stakes in Disney’s restructuring attempts.

ValueAct’s critical partnership with Disney

Disney’s collaboration with ValueAct, an investment firm, involves the latter advising Disney on strategic decisions and advocating for Disney’s nominated directors at their annual shareholder conference.

Disney and Trian Capital Management

Trian, under CEO Nelson Peltz, proposed Peltz and ex-Disney CFO James Rasulo to the Disney board. The duo is looking to trim costs, streamline the CEO replacement process, and reassess the company’s streaming service.

Room for growth in company’s stock price

Insider sources express confidence that Disney’s stock price could approximately double, although Disney’s shares were mainly static at $90.60 on Wednesday.

ValueAct’s Track Record and Expansion Strategy

ValueAct, known for its behind-the-scenes work with their chosen enterprises, is not new to the media industry. ValueAct once held a position in 21st Century Fox’s board and advocated for the organization when it traded its entertainment assets to Disney.

Disney’s Response

To tackle the board nominations, Disney refreshed its board panel in November. It named former Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman and ex-SKY CEO Jeremy Darroch as directors.

The unfolding events and decisions involving Disney, ValueAct, and Trian could potentially impact the stock market and affect trading practices pertinent to the entertainment giant’s assets. The company’s transition and its effect on shareholders remain an area of interest to investors and traders alike.

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