Denmark Stocks Rise, Led by Ambu A/S, Jyske Bank, and GN Store Nord


  • Denmark stocks closed higher on Tuesday, with the sectors leading the gains.
  • The top performers of the session were Ambu A/S, Jyske Bank A/S, and GN Store Nord, witnessing significant points gains at closing.
  • On the other hand, Tryg A/S, Oersted AS, and Danske Bank A/S ended the session as the worst performers.
  • In the commodities sector, crude oil for February delivery and Brent oil for delivery in March rose, alongside the February Gold Futures contract.
  • The currency market saw an upward movement in the USD/DKK, while the US Dollar Index Futures also recorded a hike.

Danish Stocks outperforms amid gains from different sectors

On Tuesday, the Denmark stocks observed a significant close, as crucial sectors recorded impressive gains. In Copenhagen, the index witnessed an increase by 0.50%.

Best Performers

In the session, the most prominent performers were Ambu A/S (CSE:), Jyske Bank A/S (CSE:), and GN Store Nord (CSE:). Ambu A/S experienced a considerable increase of 4.20%, equating to 4.25 points to close at 105.50. Similarly, Jyske Bank A/S (CSE:) amplified by 3.83% or 19.00 points to finalize at 515.20. Additionally, GN Store Nord (CSE:) also ascended by 2.27% or 3.80 points to reach 170.80 in late trade.


The session’s underperformers were Tryg A/S (CSE:), Oersted AS (CSE:), and Danske Bank A/S (CSE:), who saw declines. Tryg A/S fell by 1.77% or 2.60 points to end the session at 144.30. In contrast, Oersted AS declined by 1.68% or 6.50 points to close at 379.50. Lastly, Danske Bank A/S dropped by 0.89% or 1.70 points to finalize at 189.20.

Commodities and Currency Markets

Amid the commodities trading, crude oil for February delivery increased by 2.57% or 1.82 to $72.59 a barrel. Similarly, Brent oil for March delivery rose by 2.31% or 1.76, hitting $77.88 a barrel. Meanwhile, the February Gold Futures contract advanced by 0.09% or 1.85 to register at $2,035.35 a troy ounce.

The currency market witnessed an upward trend in USD/DKK, which moved up by 0.24% to 6.83, while EUR/DKK remained stable without any change at 7.46. Concurrently, the US Dollar Index Futures recorded an increase of 0.32%, closing at 102.25.

Considering the observed changes in the stock, commodities, and currency markets, these changes may potentially influence the future of forex and trading, particularly impacting the assets related to crude oil, Brent oil, and the US Dollar.

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