Denmark Stocks Rise, Ambu A/S Hits 52-Week High on Copenhagen Exchange


  • On Tuesday, Denmark stocks saw an increase after the market closed, with major contributions from key sectors.
  • Copenhagen’s stock market index reached a new all-time high as it gained 0.11% at the close.
  • The best performers were Ambu A/S, Demant A/S, and AP Moeller – Maersk A/S A whereas the worst performers were Oersted AS,Vestas Wind Systems A/S, and GN Store Nord.
  • Despite some declines, rising stocks outnumbered declining ones on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
  • Commodity trading saw crude oil and Brent oil prices go up while the April gold futures contract also rose.
  • Both USD/DKK and EUR/DKK remained unchanged. The US Dollar Index Futures fell by 0.09%.

Danish Stocks Climbing

Following Tuesday’s market closure, Danish stocks were on an upward trajectory. This increase was spearheaded by gains in key sectors, leading the overall shares higher.

New Heights for Copenhagen Stocks

In Copenhagen, the key stock market index broke records, elevating 0.11% to establish a new all-time peak.

Session’s Top and Bottom Performers

Ambu A/S (CSE:), Demant A/S (CSE:), and AP Moeller – Maersk A/S A (CSE:) outshone the rest during the session. Oersted AS (CSE:), Vestas Wind Systems A/S (CSE:) and GN Store Nord (CSE:) however, didn’t fare as well.

Copenhagen Stock Exchange Overview

The Copenhagen Stock Exchange saw a more substantial number of rising stocks than it did falling ones, with the score standing at 89 to 59, while 19 remained static.

Commodity Trading Update

Crude oil for March saw a 1.16% increase while April Brent oil went up 0.61%. The April Gold Futures contract also experienced a rise of 0.32%.

Currency Status

There were no changes for USD/DKK and EUR/DKK. However, the US Dollar Index Futures did decline 0.09%.

These developments in Denmark’s stock market and commodity trading could potentially influence forex or trading strategies, particularly those involving assets like oil, gold, and currency pairs such as USD/DKK and EUR/DKK.

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