CEO Charged with Manipulative Trading & Non-Disclosure by SEC


  • The executive of a company has been accused by the regulator of manipulative trading within the stock market, operating through an overseas account before he was appointed as CEO in 2020.
  • The SEC has also charged Huang for failing to declare his beneficial ownership of Future FinTech stock, as well as his transactions involving this stock.

Regulatory Actions Against Corporate Executives

The oversight body has lodged a charge against the executive for his involvement in fraudulent trading of company stock. These arrangements were made using an international account just prior to the executive’s appointment as CEO in the year 2020.

Undisclosed Transactions and Ownership

Additionally, the SEC has taken action, alleging that Huang did not adequately disclose his beneficial ownership of Future FinTech stock. Huang’s dealings in such stock weren’t transparent either, which led to this charge.

The circumstances surrounding these charges could potentially influence the securities and fx trading markets, contingent on the stability of the Future FinTech stock and its influence on other assets.

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