Boeing Enhances Quality Checks, Opens 737 Production Facilities to Customers


  • Boeing (NYSE:) teams proceed for a quality inspection at Spirit AeroSystems (NYSE:) manufacturing unit onsite to ensure door plug and fuselage production standards.
  • Overall 50 points on Spirit’s production line will undergo scrutiny by Boeing teams.
  • Invitation to airline customers to inspect 737 production units as a commitment to transparency offered by Boeing and Spirit.
  • Quality management coaching sessions will be conducted for Boeing staff alongside an independent review of the production process.
  • Substandard performances will not be tolerated as voiced by Stan Deal, president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes while affirming that passenger safety and confidence are paramount.

Boeing Embarks on Quality Assurance Campaign

Boeing will send a team to Spirit AeroSystems, a supplier that construct door plugs involved in a recent incident. The team’s mission is to verify and endorse the door plug work by Spirit before the fuselages ship to Boeing’s production facilities in Washington state, says Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president.

Additional Inspection Points

Apart from inspecting door plugs, Boeing teams intend to expand their quality check at 50 other checkpoints within Spirit’s production cycle, continued Deal.

Open House Inspection

In a move towards transparency, both Boeing and Spirit offer an open door to their 737 production facilities allowing airline customers to perform their own inspections.

Strengthening Quality Compliance

Boeing is planning sessions to enhance the awareness about quality management for its employees. Further, an independent party is being involved to conduct a complete assessesment of its production process, added Deal.

In a statement to Boeing employees, Deal stated the importance of conformity to the QMS (quality management system). “Uncompromised adherence to these standards is what we owe to our customers and their passengers for their unwavering trust in Boeing airplanes”, he said.

Such measures to ensure high-quality production and transparent operations can boost investors’ confidence thereby potentially influencing stock prices of both Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems. News like this may be of significant interest to those involved in forex trading involving assets related to these companies.

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