Biden’s Decision on Apple-Masimo ITC Patent Case Due Dec 25


  • The Biden Administration is up against a Dec. 25 deadline to decide whether or not to veto a public policy-related ban.
  • Apple has requested a temporary suspension of the order from the ITC while the case is currently being appealed or amidst a potential government shutdown.
  • A patent dispute over technology enabling the blood oxygen feature on certain Apple smartwatches was won by Masimo (NASDAQ:).

The looming Dec. 25 deadline placed upon the Biden Administration is to review a ban for public policy reasons.

In the middle of this situation, Apple is initiating action towards the International Trade Commission (ITC), seeking a temporary halt on the order while the unfolding case awaits an appeal, or in the event of potential governmental shutdown.

In other news, an ITC patent case over a certain technological feature highlighting the blood oxygen aspect on select models of Apple’s smartwatches has been ruled in favor of the medical devices manufacturer, Masimo (NASDAQ:).

These shifting tides in the tech and financial spheres may have significant influences on assets tied to these industries and potential trading opportunities especially within the forex market.

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