Baidu’s Ernie Bot Surpasses 100 Million Users, Boosting LLM Technology


  • Baidu’s Ernie Bot, known in Chinese as Wenxin Yiyan and traded under NASDAQ, has now reached a key benchmark- 100 million users.
  • The company’s CTO, Wang Haifeng, recently announced the significant milestone at a conference as reported by Bloomberg.
  • Following its launch in 2023, Ernie Bot’s rapid growth signifies its crucial role to its users and in propelling large language model (LLM) technology.
  • China’s relevant authorities have introduced temporary regulations to handle AI-focused services as generative AI experiences a surge.

Baidu’s Significant Achievement

Baidu’s Ernie Bot, known as Wenxin Yiyan in Chinese, has marked a key achievement by amassing more than 100 million users.

As reported by Bloomberg, Wang Haifeng, the Chief Technology Officer of Baidu, shared this essential information during a recent conference.

Nascent Success

Two months following its inauguration in 2023, Ernie Bot experienced quick growth, underscoring its importance to its users and its contribution to the progress of large language model (LLM) technology.

China’s AI Regulatory Measures

As generative AI witnesses a boom, the State Internet Information Office along with six other departments in China have enacted provisional rules to manage services concentrated on AI.

In relation to forex or trading, the remarkable growth of Baidu’s AI-based Ernie Bot could potentially impact the market, notably the shares of NASDAQ-listed Baidu.

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