Australian Stocks Decline: Nickel Mines, Austal Surge, Mining Firms Dip


  • Australia stocks experienced a decline post Monday’s close, with specific sectors leading the losses.
  • The S&P/ASX 200 index lost a minor 0.31% at the Sydney market’s closure.
  • Nickel Mines Ltd and Austal Ltd emerged as the best performers, with respective rises of 3.73% and 3.57%.
  • Resolute Mining Ltd, Perseus Mining Ltd & Silver Lake Resources Ltd were among the worst performers, with declines of 4.3%, 3.39%, and 2.86% respectively.
  • Australian commodities such as Gold futures saw a decline of 0.56% while Crude oil fell by 0.61%.
  • The US Dollar Index Futures experienced a slight increase of 0.15%, trading at 101.06.

Impact on the Australian Market

The Australian stock market didn’t fare well after Monday’s close, experiencing an overall decline. The losses were primarily visible in the , and sectors which were major contributors to the fall in stock prices. The in Sydney, which reflects the broad market performance, witnessed a slight dip, losing 0.31%.

Key Performers

The trading session’s best performers were Nickel Mines Ltd and Austal Ltd . Nickel Mines Ltd rose by 3.73% to trade at 0.69 at the close while Austal Ltd increased 3.57% ending at 2.03. St Barbara Ltd was also an impressive performer, ascending 2.44% to conclude at 0.21 in late trade.

Underperformers in Session

However, not all stocks had a good day. Resolute Mining Ltd dropped 4.3% to trade at 0.44 at the close. Perseus Mining Ltd and Silver Lake Resources Ltd fell 3.39% and 2.86% respectively.

Commodity Trends

The commodity market also experienced some fluctuation. Gold futures declined 0.56%, while February’s Crude oil delivery fell 0.61%. The Brent oil contract for March edged down by 0.10%.

Currency Movement

The AUD/USD currency pair remained unchanged, recording 0.01% at 0.68. However, AUD/JPY dipped by 0.22% to 96.04. The US Dollar Index Futures saw a minor increase of 0.15% trading at a robust 101.06.

Given the current stock market scenario, traders should keenly observe the top-performing assets such as Nickel Mines Ltd and Austal Ltd. The underperformance of Resolute Mining Ltd and Silver Lake Resources Ltd may impact their trading strategies. Furthermore, the downward trend in commodities such as Gold and Crude oil could also influence market decisions.

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