Australia Stocks Lower on Friday: Nickel Mines, Austal Ltd Shine


  • Australian stocks witnessed a decline, largely due to losses in numerous sectors.
  • The S&P/ASX 200 saw a drop, while companies such as Nickel Mines Ltd and Austal Ltd showed promising performance.
  • Severe losses were noted in Resolute Mining Ltd, Perseus Mining Ltd and Gold Road Resources Ltd.
  • Gold Futures and commodities trading detailed, along with minor changes in the US Dollar Index Futures.

Decline in Australian Stocks

On Friday, Australian stocks ended the trading day with lower figures. This slump in the stock market was largely attributable to the losses experienced in various sectors.

The S&P/ASX 200, a major market index, reported a decrease by 0.31% at the close of trading in Sydney.

Leading Performers

An impressive showing was observed from Nickel Mines Ltd (ASX:). The company’s shares rose 4.10% or 0.03 points and closed at 0.70. Other strong performers included Austal Ltd (ASX:) and St Barbara Ltd (ASX:), which saw increases of 3.57% and 2.44%, respectively.


On the flip side, Resolute Mining Ltd (ASX:) experienced a drop of 3.76% with their shares trading at 0.45 by the close. Perseus Mining Ltd (ASX:) and Gold Road Resources Ltd (ASX:) also suffered considerable losses.

Overall, on the Sydney Stock Exchange, declining stocks outnumbered the advancing ones, with 565 dipping and 552 gaining, while 399 remained unchanged.

Volatility and Futures Insights

Volatility rose by 6.18% which resulted in a one-month high of 11.23 on S&P/ASX 200 options.

Commodity trading updates included Gold Futures for February reducing by 0.17% and a slight increase in crude oil for February delivery and March Brent oil contract.

In forex, no change was observed for AUD/USD while AUD/JPY witnessed a slight increase.

Falling by 0.03% at 100.89 was the US Dollar Index Futures.

Last but not least, the decline in Australian stock market might impact the forex market and trading practices, influencing assets such as gold, crude oil, the Australian dollar, and the US dollar. Given the improvements and recessions seen in various sectors, traders should closely monitor market movements and updates.

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