Australia Stocks Lower in Monday Trade, Super Retail Group LTD Hits Highs


  • The Australian stock market closed lower on Monday after experiencing losses in various sectors.
  • Sydney’s stock market index declined by 0.03%.
  • Super Retail Group Ltd, Elders Ltd, and Premier Investments Ltd were among the best performing stocks.
  • Nuix Ltd, Omni Bridgeway Ltd and IGO Ltd were among the worst performers at the close of trade.
  • The S&P/ASX 200 options’ implied volatility index rose by 2.77% to 10.93.
  • Gold Futures and Crude oil for February and March delivery respectively noted an increase.
  • Australia’s currency, AUD, remained unchanged against USD and rose against JPY.
  • US Dollar Index Futures declined by 0.03% to 102.12.

Performance of Australian Stocks

The Australian stock market noted a downturn at close on Monday, heavily influenced by losses in notable sectors. The stock index in Sydney marked a minor decline of 0.03% by the end of the trading session.

Top and Bottom Performers

On the brighter side, the session named Super Retail Group Ltd, Elders Ltd, and Premier Investments Ltd as top performers. Their shares rose by percentage points of 6.01, 4.77 and 4.15 respectively. In contrast, Nuix Ltd, Omni Bridgeway Ltd and IGO Ltd suffered losses with fall of 6.28%, 5.80% and 5.09% respectively in their share value.

Stock Market Volatility

Further details reveal that the number of declining stocks in Sydney Stock Exchange outperformed the advancing ones by a difference of 74. Also, the volatility index representing the S&P/ASX 200 options recorded an upward adjustment of 2.77% standing at 10.93.

Commodities and Forex Performance

Turning attention to commodities trading, both Gold Futures for February delivery and Crude oil for March delivery showed an upward trend recording 0.31% and 0.15% respectively. The performance of AUD remained stagnant against USD at 0.67 while noting an increase against JPY by 0.15% to reach 97.05. Lastly, the US Dollar Index Futures depreciated slightly by 0.03% settling at 102.12.

The impact of these developments on forex and trading could be significant, especially for investors dealing in stocks, commodities or currency pairs involving AUD, JPY and USD.

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