Asian-Pacific Stocks Fall, Fed Considers Rate Cut Amid Inflation Concerns


This financial news focuses on specific market movements including MSCI’s Asia-Pacific shares, Eurostoxx 50 futures, US Fed rate cuts, and market predictions. It explores inflation concerns, investors’ expectations, the potential impact of upcoming nonfarm payrolls report on labor market and Asian markets, particularly China.

Asian Market Overview

The broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares as per MSCI registered a downfall of 0.17%, marking its third consecutive day of losses. The stern beginning of the year was noticeable on its first trading day with a drop of 0.5%.

European Market Outlook

Meanwhile, futures in Europe portrayed a mixed-market opening. Futures of Eurostoxx 50 noted a 0.04% decline, the German market eased by 0.07% and others reported an increase of 0.08%.

Fed’s Meeting Overview

The Federal Reserves’ meeting held on 12-13 December witnessed a common belief among policymakers about controlled inflation and the potential risks of an “overly restrictive” monetary policy on the economy.

Views of Chief Global Strategist for LPL Financial

Qunicy Krosby, the chief global strategist for LPL Financial, remarked that most Fed members favored the ‘higher rates for longer’ approach. The anticipation of rate cuts in 2024 is likely to occur at a later stage in the year.

Investment Market Predictions

Market predictions denote a 70% probability of Fed rate cuts in March, down from 90% predicted a week earlier. Forecast for the year has also been toned down, with less than 150 basic points (bps) of easing expected as opposed to the earlier speculation of 160 bps.

Goldman Sachs Analysis

Analysts from Goldman Sachs continue to anticipate the first rate cut to occur in March with five more to follow through the year. They believe that the policy rate will no longer be restrictive once inflation is sustainably reduced.

US Labor Market and Nonfarm Payrolls Report

With labor markets showing signs of easing, the release of the US nonfarm payrolls report on Friday is keenly awaited. In November, US job openings dropped to 8.79 million for the third straight month.

Developments in China Stock Market

China’s stocks continue to undergo pressure, and uncertainties over recovery have kept investors at bay. The blue-chip CSI 300 Index plummeted 1.31%, while Hong Kong’s slipped 0.70%.

Updates on Treasury Yields, Currency Market and Commodity Prices

10-year Treasury yields touched 4% before declining, and were last seen at 3.924%. In the currency market, dollar gained 0.068% reaching 102.47 against the basket of currencies. Crude oil rose to $73.36 per barrel and gold added 0.1% to $2,043.09 an ounce.

The trends and movements in these market indices have profound influence on forex trading and may determine future asset allocation strategies. Hence, traders must keep themselves updated with these fluctuations to make the best investment decisions.

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